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Chengdu Leshan Ya'an Danba Bamei Yajiang Litang Riwa Yading Daocheng Xiangcheng Shangrila Lijiang Dali Kunming Tour - 17 Days

Destination: Sichuan,Yunnan
Duration: Seventeen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year
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Leshan Grand Buddha,Wuhou Temple, Bifengxia Panda Base,Shangli Ancient Town,Dengchigou Catholic Church, Jiajin Shan Mountain, Jiaju Village,Suopo Village, Mt Gongga,Litang,Gelug Sect Monastery,Mt. Haizi Shan,Bangpu Monastery,Yading Nature Reserve,Chonggu MonasteryㄛLuorong Cattle Farm,Xiangcheng,Sangpi Monastery,Xiangcheng,Derong,Shangrila,Songzanlin lamasery, Pudacuo national park,Baishuitai Terrace,Tiger Leaping Gorge,The First Bend of Yangtze River, Stone Drum Town,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang Impression Show,Yufeng Temple,Lijiang Old Town,Xizhou Old Town, Bai Minority House,Tie Dye, Dali Old Town,Three Pagodas,Erhai Cruise,Dali Old Town,Stone Forest,Jiuxiang Cave.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$3400/persons 3400USD/Person
﹛Day 1 ﹛Chengdu Arrival 

Activity:Arrive in Chengdu, capital of province Sichuan, the home town of Panda. Picked up by the local guide at airport and transferred to hotel.

  Hotel:Chengdu                                                    Meal: Dinner

﹛Day 2﹛Chengdu -Leshan -Chengdu

Activity:Morning around 07:30 pick you up from hotel to Leshan Grand Buddha takes about 2 hours on the high way along the beautiful scenery of Chuanxi Plain. then we can take a boat to see the whole view of the grand buddha on the river.Afternoon drive to visit Wuhou temple which is built in memory of a Shu kingdom's premier during Three Kingdom period.

  Sightseeing: Leshan Grand Buddha,Wuhou Temple.

  Hotel: Chengdu                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Leshan Grand Buddha

Leshan Grand

Wuhou Temple

﹛Day 3 ﹛Chengdu 每 Ya'an

Activity:In the morning drive along Chengdu-Yaan Express Way to Ya'an, the famous Rainy City. On the way enjoy the rural scenery in western Sichuan Plain. Highlights of Ya'an are Bifengxia Panda Base and Shangli Ancient Town. Bifengxia Panda Base has been long famous for the forest coverage, waterfalls, river and breathtaking landscapes. After the violent earthquake in Sichuan, the panda base in Ya'an is the largest panda reserve base in the world, with over 80 giant pandas. There are over 20 research laboratories and feeding centers including Panda Breeding Spots, Panda Kindergarten, Panda Hospital and the Research Centers. Then we drive to Shangli Ancient Town. Old Town of Shangli is called an ※ink and Wash Landscape§ painting. Situated in the Western Sichuan Basin, the town was once the important post on the Silk Road of the South and the Ancient Tea-Horse Trail in history.

Sightseeing: Bifengxia Panda Base,Shangli Ancient Town

  Hotel: Ya'an                                               Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner


Bifengxia Panda Base

Bifengxia Panda Base

Shangli Ancient Town


﹛Day 4 ﹛Ya'an 每 Danba

Activity:Drive to Danba (1900 m). On the way visit the Dengchigou Catholic Church in the Baoxing Panda Reserve. It is the place where the French preacher and biologist David found the giant pandas and introduced them overseas from here in 1869 and thus it has become an important humanistic spot as well. Keep drive over the Jiajin Shan Mountain to Danba. The local people are called Jiarong (Gyarong) Tibetans. Visit the village Jiaju. More than one hundred buildings keep the same architectural style with a complete and unique character of Jiarong Tibetan residences. Under the blue sky, the Tibetan residences decorated in red, white and black are strewed at random but also in order from the bottom to the middle slope of the valley.

  Sightseeing: Dengchigou Catholic Church, Jiajin Shan Mountain, Jiaju Village.

  Hotel: Danba                                    Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner


Dengchigou Catholic Church

Jiajin Shan Mountain

Jiaju Village 

﹛Day 5﹛Danba 每 Bamei 每 Tagong Si 每 Xinduqiao

Activity: Danba has long been acclaimed as the Kingdom of Thousands of Ancient Blockhouses. In the morning visit the ancient block towers in Suopo. They were made of clay and block and look fine from outside with solid thick walls. Then drive via Bamei and Tagong to Xinduqiao. On the way visit the Tagong Si (Tagong Monastery), where you can view the panorama beauty of holy Yala Mountain (5820m) in a distance on fine days. Then transfer to Xinduqiao, a small but import town at the juncture of the North and South Sichuan-Tibet Highway. If whether allows, we can explore the main peak of Mt Gongga (7556m) from afar at the mountain back of the local family.

  Sightseeing: Suopo Village, Mt Gongga.

  Hotel: Xinduqiao                                      Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Suopo Village

Suopo Village

Mt Gongga

﹛Day 6Xinduqiao - Yajiang 每 Litang

Activity: Drive via Yajiang to Litang (4014 m). Drive along Hengduan Montain Ranges from north to south. Enjoy the beautiful glacier, ice-covered mountains, highland lakes. Arrive at Litang which also known as "highland city". Arrival, visit Litang monastery lying in the western suburbs of the city. The monastery was originally under the control of the Bon religion but converted into a Gelug Sect monastery in 1580 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) by the third Dalai Lama.

  Sightseeing: Litang,Gelug Sect Monastery.

  Hotel: Litang                                      Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner




Gelug Sect Monastery


﹛Day 7 Litang 每 Sangdui 每 Riwa

Activity:In the morning we drive to Daocheng via Mt. Haizi Shan, a right place to study the structure of terrain and the formation of glacier. On the way visit the Bangpu Monastery, the oldest temple in Daocheng, which has over 900 years history. Late in the afternoon we reach the highlight of this journey - Yading nature reserve, home of three sacred Tibetan mountains - Chenresig (Xiannairi, Avalokitesvara, 6032m), Jambeyang (Yangmaiyong, Manjusri, 5958m), and Chanadorje (Xianuoduoji, Vajrapani, 5958m). The scenery here easily rivals that of national parks of the west such as Yellowstone and Yosemite in terms of spectacular, pristine mountain scenery.

  Sightseeing: Mt. Haizi Shan,Bangpu Monastery.

  Hotel: Riwa                                         Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner


Mt. Haizi Shan

Bangpu Monastery

Snow Mountain

﹛Day 8Riwa 每 Yading 每 Riwa

ActivityㄩFull day explore the natural beauty of Yading. Drive 30km to Longlongba 每 the entrance of Yading Nature Reserve. Start trekking tour to Chonggu Monastery and next proceed to Xiannairi Mountain with a mystery Dumu Lake at its mountain foot. Then trek to Luorong Cattle Farm, which is located among Yangmaiyong, Xianuoduoji and Xiannairi Mountains. Finally back to Longlongba and drive back to hotel.

  Sightseeing: Yading Nature Reserve,Chonggu MonasteryㄛLuorong Cattle Farm.

  Hotel: Riwa                                         Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner



Chonggu Monastery

Luorong Cattle Farm

﹛Day 9 Riwa 每 Daocheng 每 Xiangcheng

ActivityㄩDrive via Daocheng to Xiangcheng, sightseeing of the landscape enroute, visit Sangpi Monastery of the Gelugpa tradition in Xiangcheng.

Sightseeing: Xiangcheng,Sangpi Monastery.

 Hotel: Xiangcheng                                     Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner



Sangpi Monastery

﹛Day 10 Xiangcheng - Shangrila

Activity: Today we head for Shangri-La (former Zhongdian, 3300 m), a Tibetan region in Yunnan province, the historic southern gateway to Kham and Tibet. Upon arrival at Shangri-La walking through the old city.


 Sightseeing: Xiangcheng,Derong,Shangrila.

 Hotel: Shangrila                                     Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner




﹛Day 11 ﹛Shangrila

Activity:Morning visit Songzanlin Lamasery to watch Tibetan Buddists read Holy Scripts. Afternoon visit Pudacuo national park to Shudu Lake and Napa Lake.

Sightseeing: Songzanlin lamasery, Pudacuo national park.

Hotel:Shangrila                                                               Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Songzanin Lamasery

Pudacuo National Park

Napa Lake

﹛Day 12 ﹛Shangrila- Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang 

Activity: Morning drive to visit Baishuitai Terrace, then drive to watch the running river in Tiger Leaping Gorge, and visit the First Bend of Yangtze River in Stone Drum Town, then arrive Lijiang.

Sightseeing: Baishuitai Terrace,Tiger Leaping Gorge,The First Bend of Yangtze River, Stone Drum Town.

Hotel: Shangrila                                                                         Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Tiger Leaping Gorge

First Bend of Yangzte River

Baishuitai Terrace

﹛Day 13﹛Lijiang

Activity: Morning you will visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by cableway to Glacier Park at the top of the mountain.Afternoon, you will watch Lijiang Impression Show in a open air stage in front of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. After that you will visit Yufeng Temple. Evening you will stroll in Lijiang Old Town by yourself.

Sightseeing: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang Impression Show,Yufeng Temple,Lijiang Old Town .

Hotel: Lijiang                                                                           Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang Impression Show

Lijiang Old Town

﹛Day 14 ﹛Lijiang -Dali

Activity:Drive to Xizhou Old Town to visit Bai Minority Houses, watch Tie Dye Process In Zhoucheng Town.Arrve Dali to visit Dali Old Town.

Sightseeing: Xizhou Old Town, Bai Minority House,Tie Dye, Dali Old Town.

  Hotel: Dali                                                                                 Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Bai Minority House

Tie Dye Cloths

Dali Old Town


﹛Day 15 ﹛Dali -Kunming

Activity:Visit Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Temple  in the morning.Take Erhai Cruise. Stroll in the Dali Old Town in the evening.Take Night train to Kunming.

Sightseeing: Three Pagodas,Erhai Cruise,Dali Old Town

Hotel: Overnight on the Train                                                  Meal: Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Three Pagodas

Chongsheng Temple

Erhai Lake

﹛Day 16﹛Kunming

Activity: Morning pick you up in Kunming Train Station, you will take a visit to the Stone Forest karst landform. After lunch visit Jiuxiang Cave, then drive back to Kunming. Drive back to Kunming

Sightseeing: Stone Forest,Jiuxiang Cave.

Hotel: Kunming                                               Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Jiuxiang Cave

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

﹛Day 17 ﹛Kunming Departure

Activity: Send you to Kunming Airport for departure.

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