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Beijing Xi'an Lanzhou Wuwei Zhangye Jiayuguan Duhuang Turpan Urumqi Tour - 19Days

Destination: Silk Road
Duration: no date
Tour Code: C23
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year
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The Silk Road, or Silk Route, is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes that were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time.

The northern route of the Silk Road started at Xi'an,then travelled northwest through the Chinese province of Gansu from Shaanxi Province, and split into three further routes, two of them following the mountain ranges to the north and south of the Taklamakan Desert to rejoin at Kashgar; and the other going north of the Tian Shan mountains through Turpan, Talgar and Almaty (in what is now southeast Kazakhstan).

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2850/persons 2850USD/Person
¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Beijing Arrival

Activity: Arrive in Beijing, pick you up in Airport, send you to Hotel.

Sightseeing: No.

Hotel: Beijing                                                                Meals: Dinner

¡¡Day 2¡¡Beijing

Activity:Morning visit the World's largest urban square the Tian'anmen Square, and then ancient Chinese imperial palace the Forbidden City. Then visit the Temple of Heaven in the afternoon. Watch Peking Opera in the evening.

Sightseeing: the Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City,the Temple of Heaven.

Hotel: Beijing                                                                Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Tian'anmen Square

Forbidden City

Temple of Heaven
¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Beijing

Activity:In the morning, drive to visit the Badaling Great Walls first, and then go to the Ming Tombs (Changling Tomb), the once lavish burial chambers of 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty, for a short visit. Peking Roast Duck is available for your optional dinner. Send you to Train Staion, take the night train to Xi'an City.

Sightseeing:Badaling Great Walls,Ming Tombs.

Hotel: No. Over night on the Train                                    Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall

Ming Tombs
¡¡Day 4¡¡Bejing -Xi'an

Activity:Pick you up at the Xi'an Train Station.Visit Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses and Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Then visit Huaqing Hot Spring Royal Resort.

Sightseeing: Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses,Emperor Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum,Huaqing Hot Spring Royal Resort.

Hotel: Xi'an                                   Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Huaqing Hot Spring Royal Resort

¡¡Day 5 ¡¡Xi'an-Mt. Hua

Activity:Drive to visit the Mt. Hua, take cable way to the top peak.Then Drive back Xi'an city to hotel. 

Hotel: Xi'an                                      Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Mt. Hua

Mt. Hua

Mt. Hua
¡¡Day 6 ¡¡Xi'an

Activity:Drive to visit he only Empress in China Wu Zetian's Tomb, Zide Emperor Tomdb, Famen Temple.Watch Tang Dynasty Show in the evening.

 Sightseeing: Wu Zetian's Tomb, Zide Emperor Tomb, Famen Temple,Tang Dynasty Show.

Hotel: Xi'an                                        Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Wu Zetian's Tomb

Famen Temple

Tang Dynasty Show

¡¡Day 7¡¡Xi'an - Lanzhou

Activity:Visit Big Wilde Goose Pagoda,the Ancient City Wall. Send you to Xi'an airport fly to Lanzhou.Pick you up in Lanzhou Airport and transfer to hotel.

Sightseeing: Big Wilde Goose Pagoda,the Ancient City Wall.

Hotel: Lanzhou                                          Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Big Wilde Goose Pagoda

the Ancient City Wall

the Ancient City Gate
¡¡Day 8¡¡Lanzhou- Bingling Grottoes - Lanzhou

Activity:Drive to visit Bingling Grottoes. The site of Binglingsi Grottoes is about 70km to the southwest of Lanzhou. "Bingling" means "ten of thousand Buddhus" in Tibetan language since there are many stone carved buddha sculptures here. Today the cliffs are isolated by the waters of Liujiaxia Reservoir on the Yellow River.


So coming here it is a nice day out as well as for the cave art trip. The site is well preserved, including 183 caves, 694 Buddha stone statues, 82 earth buddha statues, more than 900 square meters'mural painting which are scattered around the cliff of 200 meter long and 60 meter high on the west bank. Back to Lanzhou after the day trip.


Sightseeing: Binglingsi Grottoes, Liujiaxia Reservoir.


Hotel:  Lanzhou                                        Meals:Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Binglingsi Grottoes

Binglingsi Grottoes

 Liujiaxia Reservoir

¡¡Day 9 ¡¡Lanzhou - Wuwei 

Activity:Today, after breakfast, take a driving to Wuwei. Upon arrival, enjoy your visit to Leitai Tomb, Wuwei Wen Miao and Tiantishan Grottoes.

Sightseeing: Leitai Tomb, Wuwei Wen Miao,Tiantishan Grottoes.

  Hotel:  Wuwei                                        Meals:Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Leitai Tomb

Tiantishan Grottoes

Tiantishan Grottoes

¡¡Day 10 ¡¡Wuwei - Zhangye 

Activity:Continue your driving westwards to Zhnagye. Upon arrival, visit Wooden Tower of Sui Dynasty and Grand Buddha Temple which is home to China largest indoor reclining Buddha.

  Sightseeing: Wooden Tower, Grand Buddha Temple.

  Hotel:  Zhangye                                        Meals:Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Wooden Tower

Grand Buddha Temple

Grand Buddha Temple

¡¡Day 11 ¡¡Zhangye - Jiayuguan 

Activity:Today you will take driving to Jiayuguan City. Then take a truly special excursion to Jiayuguan Pass and Overhanging Great Wall.

  Sightseeing: Jiayuguan Pass,Overhanging Great Wall.

  Hotel:  Jiayuguan                                        Meals:Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayuguan Pass

Great Wall

¡¡Day 12 ¡¡Jiayuguan - Dunhuang 

Activity:Drive to Dunhuang.Then pay a visit to Mogao Grottoes, the world's most important site of ancient Buddhist Culture. The treasure house contains hundreds of sandstone caves holding more than 2,000 statues and 45,000 brilliantly bright paintings of Buddha and Chinese mythological figures.


In the afternoon, you will tour the Crescent Moon Lake in the Singing Sand Dunes. From a distance make sure to keep your ears peeled for the whistling tunes among the sand dunes.


After dinner, walk to the city center of Dunhuang and stroll around the local night market. You may find some souvenir items such as jade, jewelry, small sculptures and Buddha statues.


Sightseeing:Mogao Grottoes,Crescent Moon Lake, Singing Sand Dunes.


Hotel£º Dunhuang                                   Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


Mogao Grottoes

Crescent Moon Lake


¡¡Day 13 ¡¡Dunhuang

Activity:Today, take about 2.5hours driving, you will arrival Yulin Grottoes, also named Ten-Thousand Buddha Valley, which is one of the treasure houses of Buddhism arts in China. Be transferred back to your hotel in the late afternoon.


Yulin Grottoes owns 42 caves that maintained the gorgeous murals about Buddhist stories, cover an area over 4,200 square meters. Among them, the oldest one can be dated back to Xixia Dynastay (1038-1227).


Sightseeing:Yulin Grottoes.


Hotel£º Dunhuang                                   Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


Yulin Grottoes

Yulin Grottoes

Yulin Grottoes

¡¡Day 14¡¡Dunhuang - Turpan

Activity:After breakfast, take a car ride (about 180km) to Dunhuang Yardang National Geologic Park. Admire the peculiar view of Yardang Landform, which is formed by the effect of wind erosion and sand accumulation.


Afterwards, visit Yumen Pass and Yangguan Pass, China's two most important western passes. The two passes are parts of the Great Wall in the Han Dynasty, China's western frontier defense outpost built under the reign of Emperor Wu.

After the tour, be transferred to Liuyuan train station for your overnight train riding to Turpan. 

Sightseeing: Yardang Landform,Yumen Pass and Yangguan Pass,Great Wall in the Han Dynasty.


Hotel£º On the Train                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Yardang Landform

Yumen Pass

Great Wall in the Han Dynasty

¡¡Day 15 ¡¡Turpan 

Activity:Upon arrival, your local guide will meet you at the train station, after a short break, you will then visit Gaochang Ancient City, which was an important garrison town on the Silk Road, Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain and Bezeklik Caves.

 Sightseeing: Gaochang Ancient City,Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain,Bezeklik Caves.

 Hotel:Turpan                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Gaochang Ancient

Flaming Mountain

Bezeklik Caves

¡¡Day 16 ¡¡Turpan - Urumqi

Activity:Today, you will get a chance to visit the mysterious death city-the Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City, which reveals traces of a prosperous ancient trading center and military stronghold 1,600 years ago. Then be transferred to Urumqi airport directly for your flight to Kashgar.

 Sightseeing: Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City.

 Hotel:Kashgar                                 Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City

Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City

Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City

¡¡Day 17 ¡¡Kashgar

Activity:In the morning, you can take a leisure stroll along Zhiren Street, an old street with an amazing hand-made stuff from strictly utilitarian cookware to exotic musical instruments. Then come to visit the Id Kah Mosque which is one of the largest and busiest in China. Then, you can take a short visit to Apak Hoja Tomb. If it is Sunday, the local Bazaar will be a good place for you to have a visit. This ancient market attracts locals and merchants from all over Xinjiang and nearby countries such as Pakistan and Kirghizstan.

 Sightseeing: Zhiren Street, Id Kah Mosque, Apak Hoja Tomb, Local Bazaar.

 Hotel:Kashgar                                 Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Id Kah Mosque

Apak Hoja Tomb

Local Bazaar

¡¡Day 18 ¡¡Kashgar -  Urumqi

Activity:You will take a tour through the Karakurum Highway to Karakul Lake, enjoy the beautiful snow ¨Ccapped mountain of Muztagh Ata and the lake.Take flight to Urumqi.

 Sightseeing: Karakul Lake.

 Hotel:Urumqi                               Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake

¡¡Day 19 ¡¡Urumqi Departure

Activity: Send you to airport take flight and depart Urumqi.

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