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Qinghai Tibet Plateau Train Tour - 8 Days

Destination: Qinghai Tibet Plateau
Duration: Eight Day
Tour Code: C30
Transportation: Vehicle & Train
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year
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The Tibetan Plateau, also known in China as the Qinghai-Tibet (Qingzang) Plateau or Himalayan Plateau is a vast,covering most of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province in western China.

With an average elevation exceeding 4,500 metres, the Tibetan Plateau is sometimes called "the Roof of the World" and is the world's highest and largest plateau, with an area of 2,500,000 square kilometres. Sometimes termed the "Third Pole", the Tibetan Plateau is the headwaters of the drainage basins of most of the streams in surrounding regions. Its tens of thousands of glaciers and other geographical and ecological features serve as a "water tower" storing water and maintaining flow.


The Tibetan Plateau is surrounded by massive mountain ranges.The plateau is bordered to the south by the Himalayan range, to the north by the Kunlun Range which separates it from the Tarim Basin, and to the northeast by the Qilian Range which separates the plateau from the Hexi Corridor and Gobi Desert. To the east and southeast the plateau gives way to the forested gorge and ridge geography of the mountainous headwaters of the Salween, Mekong, and Yangtze rivers in western Sichuan (the Hengduan Mountains) and southwest Qinghai. In the west the curve of the rugged Karakoram range of northern Kashmir embraces it.


Nomads on the Tibetan Plateau and in the Himalayas are the remainders of nomadic practices historically once widespread in Asia and Africa. Pastoral nomads constitute about 40% of ethnic Tibetan population. Their presence was made possible by the adaptation of nomadic people to survive on the world's grassland by raising livestock rather than crops which are unsuitable to the terrain.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person
¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Xining Arrival 

Activity:Arrive in Xining, capital city of Qinghai Province, your local guide will meet you at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Free at leisure for the rest of the day.

  Hotel: Xining                        Meals: Dinner

¡¡Day 2¡¡Xining -Qinghai Lake -Xining

Activity:After breakfast, you will start your tour to Qinghai Lake (160km from Xining City). After 2.5 hours driving, you will reach this largest inland and salty lake of China. During the way, you can have a short stop at the Sun & Moon Mountain site . In the late afternoon, drive back to Xining.

Sightseeing: Qinghai Lake, Sun& Moon Mountain.

Hotel: Xining                        Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake


¡¡Day 3¡¡Xining - Kanbula National Forest Park - Xinning

Activity:Depart from your hotel, you will enjoy your today's visit covering Kanbula National Forest Park (180km from Xining City, about 3 hours driving), featured with its stone peaks of Danxia landform, forests and man-made sight. And the Lijia Gorge, an important energy base in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China, is also arranged for you.

 Sightseeing: Kanbula National Forest Park,Lijia Gorge.

 Hotel: Xining                        Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Kanbula National Forest Park

Kanbula National Forest Park

Lijia Gorge

¡¡Day 4 ¡¡Xining - (Train)- Lhasa

Activity:Morning transfer to the Ta'er Temple (40km from Xining City), a wonderful architectural complex contains 9,300 structures, and then transfer to the Xining train station the Qinghai -Tibet Train to Lhasa.

 Sightseeing:Ta'er Temple.

 Hotel: On the train                       Meals: Breakfast + Lunch

Ta'er Temple

Ta'er Temple

Ta'er Temple

¡¡Day 5 ¡¡Xining - (Train)- Lhasa

Activity:Travel on the train for the whole day. Arriv ein Lhasa in the late afternoon. Transfer to hotel.

Tibet Railway extends 1,956 kilometers from Xining, Qinghai Province to Lhasa, Tibet and is the world's longest railroad built atop a plateau. The Golmud-Lhasa section, constructed in 2001 extends 1,142 kilometers with the highest elevation being some 5,072 meters above sea level at Tanggula Range making it also the highest railway in the world. Great forethought, ingenuity and creativity overcame the engineering difficulties during construction, the design of the train itself, and the efforts made to protect the environment, flora and fauna. As the railroad traverses three mountain ranges and via many rivers and lakes, the sceneries along the Railway to the Roof of the World are marvelous and majestic. 45 stations along the route offer visitors picturesque sceneries and impressive vistas. Among them, nine are designated as sightseeing stations and have special sightseeing platforms for tourists to admire nine scenes. Famous sights including the Kunlun and Tanggula mountain ranges, Qinghai Lake, Kekexili and Tuotuo River, Grassland etc. together with the rare wild animals will reward each tourist with lifelong unforgettable memories.

  Sightseeing:Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

  Hotel: Lhasa                                    Meals: By yourself on the train


Qinghai Tibet Train

Qinghai Tibet Train

Qinghai Tibet Train

¡¡Day 6¡¡Lhasa

Activity:Visit Potala Palace,the largest monastery of its type in the world and official home to Dalai Lama, and it is the highest elevation palace of the world, which the altitude is up to 3700 meters. Then move to Jokang Monastery, where monks receive their official training and education. The surrounding Jokang Monastery of is Barkhor Street. Walk along this street of eight corners which will afford us a window into Tibetan culture and an opportunity to buy colorful ethnic handicrafts rarely seen outside of Tibet.

Sightseeing: Potala Palace,Jokang Monastery,Barkhor Street.

Hotel: Lhasa                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Potala Palace

Jokang Monastery

Barkhor Street

¡¡Day 7¡¡Lhasa

Activity:Visit the traditional summer residence of Dalai Lamas NorbuLingka Palace£¬and two of the 'Great Three' Gelukpa university monasteries,Tibet Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery.

Sightseeing: NorbuLingka Palace,Sera Monastery,Drepung Monastery.

Hotel: Lhasa                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

NorbuLingka Palace

Sera Monastery

Drepung Monastery

¡¡Day 8¡¡Lhasa Departure

Activity: Send you to Lhasa Airport for departure in the morning.

 Hotel: No.                            Meals: Breakfast

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