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Guizhou Ethnic Buyi Miao Dong Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Guizhou Province
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code: C46
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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(1h 15m ¡®s drive from the airport of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province)

Situated in a beautiful valley, Shuitouzhai is a Buyi ethnic village built along the Qinglonghe River. Nearby there are lot of things to discover: the big piece terraced fields, the tea plantation, the villages, the Buddhism temple and spectacle gorges.

This stay offers a immersion of the life of Buyi ethnic, who live mainly in the south, southwest of Guizhou, and a stay of pleasant countryside walk and picking up tea.

In this region, the climate is very agreeable in summer, the average temperature is 24¡æ.
Between the beginning of March and end of April, the rapeseed fields are flowering.




Situated in the southeast border of Guizhou Province, this Dong ethnic village has 800s wooden houses nestled in a beautiful valley of terraced rice fields. Five drum towers and bridges of wind and rain offer a shelter where discuss and play tirelessly.

Even if you are just attracted by the village, please sit down under Drum towers and on the bridges, play with children and relax yourself in front of the door: all of these is best way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Zhaoxing!

Around Zhaoxing, there are many great hiking route for a day or half day. We walk down the path along terraced fields with wonderful bird¡¯s eye view, passing by some picturesque mountain villages.

Zhaoxing is also the idea base to travel around Dong ethnic country:
Jitang Dong village(10 minutes)
Tang¡¯an Dong village(15 minutes)
Wind and rain bridge of Diping(1h)
Yintan Dong village(1h30)
Basha Miao village(2h)


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1050/persons 1050USD/Person


Day 1 Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai (55km/1h15m)


Arrive in Guiyang in morning, the capital of Guizhou Province, drive to the north for a immersion of Buyi countryside in the village of Shuitouzhai, which is build on the bank of Qinglonghe River. This region, quiet little visited,is inhabited by mostly Buyi ethnic people. Their village was established along the river. The architecture in traditional, good preserved, mix the elements of Chinese and Buyi: the houses are made of wood with sculpture windows and timber wall. In the Village of Shuitouzhai, you can learn about the ancestral manufacture way of Doufu and the distillation of rice wine from locals.


Visit the gorges of Xianghuoyan, walk through the narrow cliffs, and discover the caves, forest and waterfall.

Overnight in Indigo Lodge in Shuitouzhai



Day 2 Shuitouzhai


In the morning, hike to against the river to the buyi ethnic village of Wangche, appreciate the enchanting scenery of terraced rice paddy.

In the afternoon, little walk in the tea plantation on the top of Baihuashan Moutains. Visit the Matouzhai village, the biggest buyi village here, with about 1000 habitants. The village is built on the small hill. It was the capital of the Buyi ethnic family of Song. This powerful family had controlled the central Guizhou from 7th to 17th Century AD.

Overnight in Indigo Lodge in Shuitouzhai



Day 3 Shuitouzhai-Gaozhai-Kaili(180km/about 5h)


Travel to Kaili by road, through Gaozhai region where there is a subgroup of Miao ethnic, called  ¡°little Flower Miao¡±. This group is known for the beautiful traditional costume of its woman. Those wear the embroidery and batik jacket of little flower pattern. Enjoy the landscape of terraced fields of corn and rice mix. Arrive Kaili in afternoon. Overnight in Kaili



Day 4 Kaili-Rongjiang(190km/about 5h30m)


In the early morning, departure to Rongjiang. On the way, stop at the Jidao, a Miao village on the river bank. The inhabitants of Jidao called Hundred Pleats Skirt Miao. Then drive over the Mount of Leigongshan, Some stops for appreciating the magnificent landscape of valley, forest, rice terraces and villages. The witness on this spectacle of nature can make you understand how human labor gets harmonious with the caprices of surrounding environment. Lunch on the way. In afternoon visit Leli village of Dong minorities, where woman still dress on the very colorful traditional costume. Overnight in Rongjiang in Hotel.


Day 5 Rongjiang-Zhaoxing(160km/about 4h30m)


Leave for Biasha Miao village, a very authentic village in its architecture, plants and costume of locals. In the village, woman wear indigo pleated skirt and embroidery legging, boy keep erecting hairstyle and man like ancient hunter, keep the habit of walking around with knife and gun at the waist. Then drive to Zhaoxing, with is sophisticated and elegant architectures(the Drum Tower and Bridges of the Wind and Rain).This village looks like a fairy town.


Overnight in Zhaoxing in Indigo Lodge.



Day 6 Zhaoxing-Tang'an-Zhaoxing


In the morning visit Tang'an village, where offering a breathtaking panorama of the whole valley. It is possible to hike back to Zhaoxing through rice terraces. In the afternoon, wandering in the beautiful village of Zhaoxing. Discover numerous traditional buildings and architecture of wood which are hallmark of Dong people£ºThe five Dong ethnic Opera Stages, the five Drum Towers and five beautiful Wind and Rain Bridges which was built by five clan of villages. Between the lane and house are full of busy artisans: basket-makers, weavers, fabric dyers etc. In evening, enjoy the show of Dong ethnic polyphonic song.

Overnight in Zhaoxing Indigo Lodge



Day 7 Zhaoxing-Guiyang or Zhaoxing-Guilin


Transfer by highway to Guiyang, about 4 hours driving. Departure Guiyang by flight, finish the trip


The other option: transfer by road to Guilin, about 5h driving







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