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Guizhou Ethnic Miao Exploration Trekking Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Leishan Mountain
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code: C47
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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In the southwest of Guizhou, The Mountains of Leigongshan (Mountain of Thunder) stand as natural fortress, whose highest point is 2179m. This region is populated mostly by the Miao, who established their villages on the mountainside.


For many years, the Miao had to fight against the lack of transportation and productive forces underdeveloped. However, this semi-isolation has allowed the Miao culture to grow and prosper according to its own style.

This journey makes you to discover the rice terraces on the slopes of the mountain and to encounter different groups of Miao.

Trekking through magnificent terraced rice paddies in Leigongshan Mountains.Stay in family houses and dinner with families in a warm ambience.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$900/persons 900USD/Person


Day 1 Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai



Arrive in Guiyang by flight, then 1 hour and fifteen minutes' drive to the north of the capital of Guizhou for immersion in the Buyi ethnic country along the river Qinglong. Stroll in the village of Buyi Shuitouzhai, discovery of old mills and the village half-timbered houses.
Step into the charming Hotel Indigo


Day 2 Shuitouzhai¡ªKaili



Drive to Kaili, explore Gaozhai region to find Little Flower Miao group. The women here wear their jacket with expert batik pattern and little embroidery flower. In marketing day the decorate the costume with real festival color. Landscape on the way mix the terraces of rice paddies and corn fields. Overnight in kaili




Day 3 Kaili¡ªXijiang¡ªKaijue



Drive to Xijjiang, a big Miao village with 1000 households, which situate at the foot of Leigongshan Mountains (Mountains of Thunder).
Hike from Xijiang Village to Kaijue, enjoy the beautiful landscape of Leigongshan Mountains. The villager in Kaijue is called miao with hundred pleat skirt. Dine with the families in a warm atmosphere.



Day 4 Kaijue¡ªQiaowang



Drive to Taojiang, a village of Mini-Skirt Miao group. Here we leave car for the trekking from Taojiang to Qiaowang. Accommodation from Miao village of Qiaowang.



Day 5 Qiaowang¡ªDanzhai



Hike in the deep of Leigongshan Mountains; discover the Miao group whose women keep the hairstyle like princessof Tang Dynasty. Then continue to go to Shui ethnic village, Chahe. Here we can find our car to Danzhai. Overnight in Danzhai in hotel.



Day 6 Danzhai¡ªGuiyang



Drive back to Guiyang city, depart by flight in evening and finish the trip.




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