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Dai Water Splashing Festival Tour in Jinghong - 5 Days

Destination: Jinghong
Duration: Five Day
Tour Code: T20
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:April
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The Water-Splashing Festival is a traditional festival for the Dai people in the Dehong area of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province in the southwest of China. It is the New Year for the Dai, a festival to send off the old and greet the new. It lasts three or four days.


Held during the sixth month of the Dai calendar, usually falling in mid-April of the Gregorian calendar, the Water Splashing Festival is also known as the Festival for Bathing the Buddha.


During the festival, the door of every house is decorated with multicolored pieces of paper. All the villagers dress in their holiday best. Sheep and cows are slaughtered for feasting, plus delicious glutinous rice cakes, rice noodles, and rice wine. The occasion is marked by a variety of entertainment, including singing and dancing, fireworks displays, boat racing, exhibiting Kongming (air-borne) lanterns, bathing the Buddha, and parades and fairs. But the most popular event is water-splashing.


On the eve of the first day of the festival, activities include fireworks displays and dragon boat racing. The second day is known as Neuter Day, which belongs to neither the old nor the new, year. On this day, according to custom, people usually stay at home.


The third day falls on New Year's Day. In the morning, people dress up and go to the temple to worship Buddha. They make three to five pagoda-shaped sand piles over one meter tall and plant eight bamboo twigs on the top wrapped in red and green strips. They then sit around the pagodas to listen respectfully to scripture and historical legends, and pray for good weather and many offspring. In the afternoon, every woman will carry fresh water to clean the Buddha statue so she might get his blessing. People then splash water on each other to symbolize the blessing, rinsing away sickness and disaster with holy water for a happy life.


Water splashing is central to all because water, the symbol of holiness, goodness and purity, is the most precious thing to the Dai. During the festival, men and women indulge themselves in a spree of water-splashing. They gather along roadsides and in public parks and squares armed with buckets and basins of water or carrying squirt guns, to drench each other in wishes for good luck and a happy new year.


At night, music accompanied by drumbeats reverberates throughout the villages, and people enjoy dancing and singing to their hearts' content.

The Water Splashing Festival vividly exhibits the Dai's homage to water and the culture of music and dance, food, and costumes. It is also a cultural bridge between Xishuangbanna and Southeast Asian countries that share the same festive culture of water-splashing.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$750/persons 750USD/Person


Day 1 ¡¡Jinghong Arrival 



Pick you up in Airport, trasnfer to Hotel. Visit Wild Elephant Valley. Take a cable car that goes in the top of tropical rainforest and allow you to have a bird-eye view of rainforests. Take a walk in the forest and watch an elephant show. You will also visit the butterfly breeding base and the tropical birds' garden in the valley.Drive back to Jinghong.



Day 2 ¡¡Jinghong



Today is the first day of the wonderful Water Splashing Festival. In the morning, you will visit Daily Market in Menghai to experience typical life of local people. And then visit the Aini Villages to explore the aged tea tree plantation. After the visiting, you will return Jinghong and watch Dragon Boat Race.Evening go to Mekong River to watch Kongming Latern Lighting.




Day 3 Jinghong


Morning  join in festival ethnic minorities' parade . And then visit the fantastic Grand Buddha Park. Finnaly enjoy Water Splashing activity with local people.


Day 4 ¡¡Jinghong


Driver to Tropical Botanical Garden at Menglun, explore the Plant Kingdom because of its 3000 species of tropical plants.Afternoon visit Jinuo Minority Village.Then drive to the Olive Plain near the  Lancang River, and explore the traditional Dai Minority Villages.Drive back Jinghong.



Day 5 Jinghong Departure


Morning go to Airport for departure.



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