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Liangshan Ethnic Yi Fire Festival Tour - 8 Days

Destination: Lijiang,Xichang
Duration: Eight Day
Tour Code: T22
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:August
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The Torch Festival or Fire Festival  is one of the main holidays of the Yi people of southwest China, and is also celebrated by other ethnic groups of the region.It is celebrated on the 24th or 25th day of the sixth month of the Yi calendar, corresponding to August in the Gregorian calendar.It commemorates the legendary wrestler Atilaba, who drove away a plague of locusts using torches made from pine trees. Since 1993, the government of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan has sponsored a modernised celebration of the festival, featuring wrestling, horse racing, dance shows, and a beauty contest.Different groups set the festival at different time.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person


¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Lijiang Arrival 

Activity: Arrive Lijiang by air, pick you up in the airport and transfer to hotel.

Sightseeing: No.

Hotel: Lijiang                                                                                   Meal:Dinner


¡¡Day 2¡¡Lijiang -Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-Lijiang

Activity: Morning you will visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by cableway to Glacier Park at the top of the mountain.Afternoon, you will watch Lijiang Impression Show in a open air stage in front of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. After that you will visit Yufeng Temple. Evening you will stroll in Lijiang Old Town by yourself.

Sightseeing: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang Impression Show,Yufeng Temple,Lijiang Old Town .

Hotel: Lijiang                                                                           Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Lijiang Impression Show

Lijiang Old Town

¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang 

Activity: Morning drive to visit the First Bend of Yangtze River in Stone Drum Town, watch the running river in Tiger Leaping Gorge, then drive back Lijiang.Visit Shuhe Old Town.

Sightseeing: The First Bend of Yangtze River, Stone Drum Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge,Shuhe Old Town.

Hotel: Lijiang                                                                         Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Tiger Leaping Gorge

First Bend of Yangzte River

Tiger Leaping Gorge
¡¡Day 4 ¡¡Lijiang - Lugu Lake

Activity: Morning drive 2 hours to Eighteen Bends at the Yangztes River Valley to see the most winding vehicle road in Lijiang from the top mountain to the bottom of the valley.Drive another 2 hours to arrive Luoshui Village which located at the bank of Lugu Lake. Enjoy the beauty of the Lugu Lake at Lake View Platform.

Sightseeing: 18 Road Bends, Yangztes Valley, Lugu Lake.

Hotel: Luoshui                                                                         Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Lugu Lake

Eighteen Bends

Muosuo Minority

¡¡Day 5 ¡¡Lugu lake 

Activity:Row a wooden boat to the islet in the middle of the Lugu lake, and have a stop visit there. Then row the boat to Original Mosuo Village to visit the Marriage Bridge there.Visit Yanger Che Namu's House. Then take cableway to the Lion Mountian.

Sightseeing:  Mosuo Village,Marriage Bridge,Lion Mountian.

Hotel: Luoshui                                                                         Meal:Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Wooden Boat

Marriage Bridge

Lion Mountain

¡¡Day 6 ¡¡Lugu Lake -Xichang

Activity: Morning drive back abourt 5 hours to Xichang. Enjoy the beautiful scenes along the road.

Hotel: Xichang                                                                        Meal:Breafast+Lunch


¡¡Day 7 ¡¡Xichang

Activity: Today watching Opening Ceremony and Minority Parade, Ox fighting, Cock Fight etc. Join in Evening Fire Party with loal peoples.

Hotel: Xichang                                                                        Meal:Breafast+Lunch

Opening Ceremony

Yi Minority

Fire Carnival

¡¡Day 8 ¡¡Xichang Departure 

Morning take flight for departure.

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