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Axi Fire Worship Festival Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Shilin,Mile
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code: T24
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:the 24th of the Sixth Chinese Lunar Month
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The Yi, one of Yunnan's ethnic groups, worship fire - and nowhere as wild as in Hongwan Village.


Fire keeps warm, fire scares animals away, fire cooks food, fire gives comfort: no wonder that for many tribal groups the hearth is at the center of family life.


The Yi, Yunnan's largest ethnic group, go further: they worship fire. Every year, on the 24th of the sixth lunar month, the Yi celebrate the Torch Festival. It is one of Yunnan's grandest occasions, celebrated in elaborate style from the Stone Forest to the shores of Lugu Lake.


Yet the Axi, a small branch of the Yi, living in Mile County, in the provinces southeast, celebrate an even wilder festival. Every year in spring, on the second day of the third month to be precise, they worship fire with a grand carnival of body-paint and nudity.


Legend has it that once when the Axi were hunting heavy rains came down, sending them looking for shelter. Yet all they could find was an old tree. Freezing because they had nothing to wear they huddled under it. The rains would not stop. Then, an old man, Mu Deng, a local wizard, appeared. He picked up some dry wood, started rubbing the sticks together and started a fire. Now the Axi were not cold anymore and they could cook food. The day was the third day of the second month.


Now, every year on the day, the Axi worship Mu Deng, the man who brought them fire.


The festival begins with a sacrifice of a pig and a chicken at the dragon tree, an ancient tree hidden deep in the forest. Only the locals know where to find it and it must never be chopped down for firewood. On a nearby clearing the men gather to make fire. Like Mu Deng they rub the wood together to make sparks, then light a few leaves. And when the fire is roaring, it is time for the animals to be sacrificed.

Naked as they were when they were hunting generations ago, their bodies painted in color, they carry the animals to into the wood. Then, in a sudden frenzy, the pig is hacked to death and its head cut off. Then the bimo, the village shaman, makes the villager's offerings at the dragon tree, thanking the gods for having given the Axi the knowledge to make fire.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$600/persons 600USD/Person
¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Kunming Arrival 

Activity: Arrive in Kunming by flight, and pick up at Airport, send to hotel. If time permits,visit Green Lake,Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway.

Sightseeing: Green Lake, Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway

Hotel: Kunming                                                                                Meal: Dinner

Kunming-Spring City

Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway

Green Lake

¡¡Day 2 ¡¡Kunming -Shilin - Mile

Activity: Depart from your hotel in the morning, you will take a visit to Jiuxiang Cave, then sightseeing the Stone Forest karst landform. Drive to Mile County.

Sightseeing: Stone Forest, Jiuxiang Cave

Hotel: Mile                      Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Jiuxiang Cave

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Mile - Hongwan Village 

Activity: Today attend the Axi Fire Worship Festival activities.After that drive back to Mile.

Hotel: Mile                      Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Axi Fire Worship Festival

Axi Fire Worship Festival

Axi Fire Worship Festival

Axi Fire Worship Festival

Axi Fire Worship Festival

Axi Fire Worship Festival
¡¡Day 4 ¡¡Mile - Kunming Departure

Drive back Kunming Airport for departure.

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