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Ethnic Lisu Sword Ladder Climbing Festival Tour - 5 Days

Destination: Tengchong
Duration: Five Day
Tour Code: T25
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:The 15th Day of the First Month of Chinese Lunar Year
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Lisu Sword Ladder Climbing Festival, is a traditional festival of the Lisu people and Yi people in the Lushui County of Nujiang Lisu Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It is held on the 15th day of the first month of every lunar year.


At the day of  Lisu Sword Ladder Climbing Festival, several strong men will show the "Daohuo" rite. They jump into the heap coals of fire with their naked feet to perform all kinds of unique stunts. The next day, they sharpen the 36 long knives and horizontally tie the long knives with upturned knife edge on two 20-meter-highs wooden pole. These wooden poles are called ¡°the Knife Ladder¡±. Performers use their naked hands and feet to rapidly climb the knife ladder from the bottom to the top. When they reach the top of the knife ladder, they will play some highly difficult movements. Nowadays, this breathtaking memorial ceremony has enveloped into a sport activity for brave Lisu man to perform their unique stunts.


The Major Activities

Each year, Lisu people wear their splendid attire and come to the square in a group to watch ¡°Shang Danshan, Xia Huohai¡±. The activities consist of several procedures including Dianhua, Diandao, Shuadao, Yinghua, Shetan, Jidaogan, Shugan, Jilong, Shangdao, Zhedao and Xiahuohai. All of these procedures compounds of a set of strict rite. The "Shang Danshan, Xia Huohai" is the most heart-stopping part among all procedures.


At the  Lisu Sword Ladder Climbing Festival Eve, the horizon glows with the raging flames, and the sound of mans songs reverberate around the whole valley. People come from far and near to take part in the opening ceremony of Knife-ladder-climbing Festival in the bonfires. The first item is the Fire Dancing, which is performed by seven to eight Xiangtongs. The topless and feet-naked men imitate various motions of beasts and jump backward and forward in a pile of burning charcoal. They continually catch charcoal fire to daub their bodies. The round fire balls are rolled and kneaded within their hands. All these performances express a brave and fearless spirit of Lisu people. The baptism of fire indicates disaster eliminating in a new year.


¡°Shangdaogan¡± is held in the next morning. People sharpen the 36 long knives and horizontally tie the long knives with upturned knife edge on two 20-meter-highs wooden pole. These wooden poles are called ¡°the Sword ladder¡±. The sword ladders are standing in the center of square. At the beginning of the rite, several men dressed in red clothes and wore a red envelope head arrive the bottom of sword ladder with their naked feet. Go down on their knees in front of an ancient painting, they raise the glass over their heads. Muttering incantations, and then they chugalug drink off.


The performers airily and promptly climb upon the sword ladder in the sounds of firecrackers and drums. Stamping on the sharp blades and catching the sword ladder, they climb up step by step. When the performers reach the top of ladder, they will successively show some items, like opening the heaven gate, hanging red and scattering grain. The first one who reaches the top of ladder will show highly difficult handstand and set off fireworks. Thousands of audiences look up and cheer frequently around the square. Finally, the performers get together on the top of ladder to express victory. They throw many little red flag to all sides, wishing the most favorable auspices happen to the Lisu people.


The Heritage Values

The Sword Ladder Climbing Festival is the product of natural worship in Lisu nationality. It embodies the patriotic spirit and the fearlessness of danger and difficulty of Lisu people. This age-old and unique Sword Ladder Climbing Festival has officially set as the traditional sports activities of Lisu. Our country always attaches great importance to the protection of non-material cultural heritage. The Sword Ladder Climbing Festival has been listed in the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage list with the approval of the state council.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$750/persons 750USD/Person

¡¡Day 1¡¡Tengchong Arrival

Activity:Take flight to Tengchong. Visit Dieshuihe Waterfall upon arrival.

Sightseeing:Dieshuihe Waterfall

Hotel: Tengchong                                                       Meal: Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Dieshuihe Waterfall Park

Dieshuihe Waterfall

Dieshuihe Waterfall Park

¡¡Day 2 ¡¡Tengchong

Activity:Drive to visit Volcano Geographic Park in the morning.Visit Hot Sea Geothermal Park in the afternoon, you may choose to enjoy Spa there on your own account. Then drive back to town.

Sightseeing:Volcano Geographic Park

Hotel: Tengchong                                                       Meal: Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Volcano Geographic Park

Hot Sea Geothermal Park

Spa Cneter

¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Tengchong - Lunma Township 

Activity:In the morning, you will visit the Heshun Old Town that built under the donation of the relatives of the villagers live abroad. Continue to visit the World II Cemetery of the National Heroes who sacrificed for the liberation of all Chinese out of the colonizing of the Japanese. Drive to Lunma Township to clelebrate the Sword Ladder Climbing Eve.

Sightseeing:Heshun Old Town,World II Cemetery

Hotel: Lunma                                                   Meal: Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Heshun Old Town

Heshun Old Town

Heshun Old Town

¡¡Day 4 ¡¡Lunma Township  - Tengchong

Activity: Today enjoy the Lisu Sword Ladders Festival with local Lisu Minority.

Hotel: Tengchong                               Meal: Breafast+Lunch+Dinner

Sword Ladder Climbing Festival

Sword Ladder Climbing Festival

Sword Ladder Climbing Festival

¡¡Day 5¡¡Tengchong

Go to Tengchong Airport for departure.

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