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Ethnic Wa Wooden Drum Festival Tour - 5 Days

Destination: Jinghong,Ximeng
Duration: Five Day
Tour Code: T26
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:April
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Wooden Drum Festival. Thousands of Wa£¬ as well as Dai and Lahu£¬from the surrounding villages will descend on the county seat for a few days of revelry, drinking, singing and dancing. Those who enjoy traditional clothing will not be disappointed. Ximeng's men and women, young and old, all dress up for the festivities.


Thatched roof huts are set up all over town where locals receive guests and sell crafts and snacks. Not everything is impromptu. As is true of almost every ethnic festival in Yunnan today, part of the program is a fancy song-and-dance extravaganza, complete with a professional main stage, emcees, and television crews. Jaded travelers might question the propaganda in the message of "ethnic harmony" the program promotes, but to the performers from the countryside, performing in front of visiting officials is a matter of pride.


The performances do not disappoint. The eponymous wooden drums, which are actually hollowed-out logs, make an appearance. So too does the Wa women's famous "hair-shaking dance" . In between the official performances there are plenty of spontaneous musical performances and dance circles around a bonfire.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$750/persons 750USD/Person


¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Jinghong Arrival 

Activity: Pick you up in Airport, trasnfer to Hotel. Visit Wild Elephant Valley. Take a cable car that goes in the top of tropical rainforest and allow you to have a bird-eye view of rainforests. Take a walk in the forest and watch an elephant show. You will also visit the butterfly breeding base and the tropical birds' garden in the valley.Drive back to Jinghong.

Sightseeing: Tropical Rain Forest, Wild elephants.

Hotel: Jinghong                                                                   Meal: Lunch+Dinner

 Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Rain Forest

¡¡Day 2 ¡¡Jinghong

Activity:Driver to Tropical Botanical Garden at Menglun, explore the Plant Kingdom because of its 3000 species of tropical plants.Afternoon visit Jinuo Minority Village.Then drive to the Olive Plain near the  Lancang River, and explore the traditional Dai Minority Villages.Drive back Jinghong.

Sightseeing: tropical Botanical Garden,Jinuo Minority Village, Olive Plain,Dai Minority Villages.


Hotel: Jinghong                            Meal: Breakfast+ Lunch+Dinner

Elephant Performance

Dai Minority Vlliage

Jinuo Minority Vlliage
¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Jinghong - Ximeng

Activity: Morning visit Dafo Temple in Mengle. Afternoon drive abour 5 hours to Ximeng county.

Sightseeing: Mengle Dafo Temple

Hotel: Ximeng                                     Meal: Breakfast+Lunch

Dafo Budda

Dafo Temple

Dafo Temple

¡¡Day 4¡¡Ximeng

Activity: Enjoy the local Wa minority singing and dacing show, and attend Wooden Drum Festival Opening ceremony and carnival. 

Hotel: Ximeng                                     Meal: Breakfast+Lunch

Wooden Drum Festival

Wooden Drum Festival

Wooden Drum Festival

¡¡Day 5¡¡Ximeng - Jinghong Departure 

Drive back Jinghong to take late afternoon flight for departure.

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