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Yuanyang Ethnic Hani Long Street Banquet Festival Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Yuanyang
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code: Y3
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:January 25th,2015
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The Hani people take the first day of the tenth lunar month as New Year's Day, when every stockaded village holds a big banquet in the center of the main street. It is a family-like gathering for all the villagers where they drink a toast in turns and wish each other good luck and happiness. The banquet is so large in scale that many tables piled high with different dishes are laid end to end along the street like a colorful dragon. The Hanis call it the "Street-Center Banquet."In order to prepare for it, people get up early in the morning and set the tables along the street.They each bring various dishes they are best at cooking in bamboo baskets and put them on the long banquet table. A spread of delicious food such as pheasants, carp, bamboo-shoots, edible fungus and dried meat, form a colorful display that shows the splendour of the Hanis' New Year Banquet.

£¨a Chinese song refers to the Long Street Banquet.£©

Step on Hani terraces and climb towards the heaven foot by foot.
Pull down the rainbow as a table and put it as the long street banquet.
Cut the blue sky into tablecloths and lay on the table.
Sprinkle colorful clouds around the long street. Clouds are flowers, and the street is a stream.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1050/persons 1050USD/Person


¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Kunming Arrival 

Activity: Arrive in Kunming by flight, and pick up at Airport, send to hotel. If time permits,visit Green Lake,Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway.
Sightseeing: Green Lake, Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway

Hotel: Kunming                                              Meal: Dinner

Kunming-Spring City

Golden Horse & Jade Rooster Archway

Green Lake

¡¡Day 2 ¡¡Kunming - Stone Forest

Activity: Depart from your hotel in the morning, you will take a visit to the Stone Forest karst landform. After lunch visit Jiuxiang Cave.

Sightseeing: Stone Forest , Jiuxiang Cave

Hotel: Shilin                                                 Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Jiuxiang Cave

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

¡¡Day 3 ¡¡Stone Forest - Jianshui

Activity: Drive 4 hours to Jianshui,Visit Jianshui Ancient Town, Chaoyang Archway, Double Dragon Bridge, Zhu's family Garden and Confucius Temple in the afternoon.
Sightseeing:Jianshui Ancient Town, Chaoyang Archway, Double Dragon Bridge, Zhu's family Garden and Confucius Temple.

Hotel: Jianshui                                        Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner


Jianshui Old Town

Double Dragon Bridge

Confucius Temple
¡¡Day 4 ¡¡Jianshui-Yuanyang

Activity: Morning drive 3 hours to Xinjie Town in Yuanyang, then from there to Qinkuo to visit Hani Minority village. After that explore Shencun and Duoyshui rice terrace fields.Then back Xinjie Town.

Hotel: Yuanyang                                                Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Rice Terrace Fields

Hani Village

Rice Terrace Fields

¡¡Day 5 ¡¡Yuanyang

Activity: Morning drive to Laohuzhui and enjoy the rice terrace fields for the whole morning there. In the late afternoon, drive to Xinjie Town.

Hotel: Lvchun                       Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Rice Terrace Fields

Rice Terrace Fields

Hani Village

¡¡Day 6 ¡¡Xinjie  

Activity: Join the Hani Long Street Banquet with locals. Join in Minority parade, dancing, sining and most important of all driking and eating.

Hotel: Xinjie                                 Meal:Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Hani Long Street Banquet

Hani Long Street Banquet

Hani Long Street Banquet

¡¡Day 7 ¡¡Yuanyang - Kunming

Drive back Kunming for Departure.

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