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Tibet Mt.Everest Mt. Kailash Lake Manasarovar Tour - 17 Days

Destination: Mt.Everest, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Ali
Duration: Seventeen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2550/persons 2550USD/Person


DAY 1: Arrival in Lhasa 

With the Tibet entry permit arranged by us, take a plane or train to Lhasa.

Airport pick-up: Your guide meets you at Gongga Airport, welcome with Hada, drive for about 1.5 hours to Lhasa city, along you can see the beautiful scenery of Lhasa River.

Train Station pick-up: Your guide meets you at Lhasa train station, drive for about 30 minutes to Lhasa city, check in your hotel.

For the rest of the day, we advice you to relax and rest at your hotel, apply to the high altitude. If you feel good, you can have a walk at the Potala Square and see the night view of the Palace.

Accommodation: Lhasa downtown

DAY 2: Lhasa City sightseeing 

Potala Palace¡ªthe highest palace architecture in the world, on the way climb to the entrance gate, you can take an overlook of the whole Lhasa city in sunshine, really nice! Get the knowledge of Tibet political, history, and religion. Visit for about 2 hours. Enjoy lunch and have a rest.

Visit Jokhang Temple, the real "Lhasa" in the eyes of the old Tibetans; Then take a stroll around Barkhor street, here you can discover the local lifestyle.

In the evening, if you wish, you can join in the Tibetan Banquet with Song & Dance Performance, a very local experience.

Accommodation£ºLhasa downtown
DAY 3: Lhasa City experience 

Drepang Monastery ᾿Every mid August, the huge tangka is sunning here during the traditional Shoton festival;

Norbulinka ᾿called as the Summer Palace in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Sera Monastery ᾿at 2:30p.m., arrive at Sera to watch the young lamas debating Buddhism scripture in their special way.

Accommodation£ºLhasa downtown

DAY 4: Lhasa--Yamdrok Lake--Gyangtse -- Shigatse 370km

Set out from Lhasa, come over the 4990m high Gangbala Snow Montain, drive ahead to Yamdrok Lake, on an altitude of 4441m, with the prettiest water, as clear as suet. Blue water, snow mountain, unique Tibetan villages, flocks and herds all the way; Then back to Chushui Bridge, along Yalungtsangpo River, pass Gyangtse town, visit Palkor Chode, get to the second city of Tibet¡ªShigatse.

Accommodation: Shigatse city  
DAY 5: Shigatse - Tingri - Mt. Everest

Visit Tunshilunpo Monastery, the most important temple in Shigatse, center of Banchen Lamas. Drive ahead to Mt. Everest, pass Tingri, arrive at Rongpu Monastery, the highest temple in the world, also the best point to view Mt. Everest. Then you can hike for about 2 hours to E.B.C. or you can just take the environmental-friendly tourist bus. If lucky you will see the amazing sunset!

Accommodation£ºEverest Base Camp.


DAY 6: Mt. Everest -- Tingri 

Sunrise at Mt. Everest. Besides Mt.Everest, you can also take an outlook of the Himalayas; and the other top peaks on the earth. Leaving Mt. Everest, drive to Tingri.

Accommodation: Tingri county
DAY 7: Tingri - Lhaze-Sagar 

Drive through Lhaze, pass 22 road section, arrive at Sagar.

Accommodation: Sagar county


DAY 8: Sagar -Zhongba-Payang
Scenery of Payang Grassland; Zhongba is a small town of Payang, very ¡°West style᾿town, here you can see the scenery of Tibetan rural pasture.

Along the way, you can see yaks, tibetan antelope, Mongolian gazelle, etc, amazing snow mountains, countless lakes and endless grasslands.

Accommodation: Payang    
DAY 9: Payang -Lake Manasarovar - Mt. Kailash - Darchen 

Lake Manasarovar, 20km southeast of Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar is the TOP among the lakes in Qinghai-Tibet plateau, no matter considering the size, depth or altitude; It is also worshipped as Holy Lake by the Tibetan Buddhist.

Drive ahead to Mt. Kailash, altitude 6638m. It lies near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia: the Indus River, the Sutlej River (a major tributary of the Indus River), the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River (a tributary of the Ganges River).

Accommodation: Darchen


DAY 10: Darchen - Mento - Tsada

Highlights: Tsada Soil Forest, a special land form caused by nature force. Some soil ¡°trees¡±are higher than 10 meters, with different postures, very interesting; Drive in the ¡°forestἿyou will feel as going around the sole of the feet of giants.

Accommodation: Tsada 

DAY 11: Tsada -- Ruins of Guge Kingdom -- Shi Quan He town (Garl)

Ruins of Guge Kingdom, which started from 9 century and ended at 17 century, was established by the descendants of the royal families of Tubo dynasty. Drive ahead to Shi quan he town.

Accommodation: Shi quan he town
DAY 12: Shi Quan He-Bangong lake -Ritu 

Drive ahead to Ritu, en route you can see large-size wet lands, arrive at Ritu, a border town, visit Bangong Lake, it's very interesting that the part of the lake in China is fresh water but the part in Kashmir is salt water. Take a boat to the heart of the lake, the highest birds land in the world, hundreds of thousands of birds flying, splendid!

Accommodation: Ritu 
DAY 13: Ritu -Gatse 

Drive on the wild land, lakes along the way, some white pagoda indicates the existence of religion here; arrive at Gatse, the interior land of Northern Tibet.

Accommodation: Gatse


DAY 14: Gatse - Nima

Continue to drive on the wild land; en route, through the Northern Tibet Qaingtang National Nature Reserve, lucky enough, you can see the rare animal such as tibetan antelope, fox, etc.

Accommodation: Nima 
DAY 15: Nima -Bange

Drive ahead to Ban ge, still in the wild land, along the way there are many large and small lakes, stop at Gatse county, which is between Namtso lake and Selintso Lake.

Accommodation: Bange


DAY 16: Ban ge - Namtso Lake - Lhasa

Set out to Namtso Lake, the top 3 lakes in Tibet, also the second largest fresh water lake in China. Hiking for about 1 hour. Drive ahead to Damxong town to have lunch. Continue to drive back to Lhasa city; Stop by Yangpachen hot spring zone, visit the power station; or you can enjoy hot spring if you wish. (Cost RMB98-168/p.p excluded)

Accommodation: Lhasa city 
DAY 17: Lhasa for departure

Airport or train station transfer according to your flight or train schedule.
Lhasa city¡ªGongga airport 100km, 1.5 hour-drive
Lhasa city¡ªTrain station, 40km, half an hour drive
Tour ends.

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