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Meili Snow Mountain Yubeng Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Shangrila
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Hiking & Vehicle
Best Travel Time:March to Oct
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Hiking Distance: about 90km
Hiking Time: 6-7 hours a day for 5 days
Good time to visit: from Mar to Oct


The best season for visiting Mt.Kawagebo(6,740m/22,107ft) is in the fall time and it must be clear day. The snow-capped Mountains, whose every peak is the subject of an enchanting tale. The glacier at the foot of the peak extends 11,000 feet downward to a surprisingly low level, seeming to plunge into the Lancang (Mekong ) River. Tucked away at the foot of Mt. Kawagebo, one of Tibet's most sacred mountains, is the stunningly beautiful and isolated village of Yubeng. With the exception of the occasional mountain climbing expedition and Buddhists on a pilgrimage to the mountain and sacred waterfall a half-day's walk away, Yubeng is rarely visited by outsiders. The villagers' timeless way of life - herding yak, plowing the fields and fetching water from the nearby glacier stream - has changed little over the centuries. This trip will start from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, and take us to the northwestern part of the province on the Tibetan Plateau. We will follow the same trail that pilgrims take on their way to Mt. Kawagebo.



Several attempts have been made to conquer Meli Mountain since 1990, but all failed. This pilgrim trekking has more than 600 years history, the scenery on the way is breathtakingly beautiful, the ecology system is well preserved, even the animals you meet are not afraid people because nobody want to hurt them, all the villagers are very friendly and hospitable. You will not believe it until you come to take this trekking by yourself. We think this is the most classic trekking route in China. It's guaranteed unforgettable.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2000/persons 2000USD/Person

Day1 Kunming/Zhongdian(Shangri-la)(3,300m/10,824ft) 

Arrive in Kunming(1,890m/6,199ft), and change the flight to Zhongdian(Shangrela), where we can see the largest Prayer wheel. Time permitting, we also have a chance to visit Songzhanling Monastery, 5KM not far away from the city.Overnight there in Hotel.

Day2 Zhongdian(Shangri-la)/ Feilai Temple (200km/7h drive 3,400m/11,464ft,BLD)
Early in the morning we will drive 7hs directly to Feilaisi Temple. On the way we will have many stops for the pictures, we will not only pass by some Tibetan Villages, but the Horse-hoof Shaped Bend and Baima Snow Mountain( 4,200 m /13,776 ft), it is one of the most important bio-diversity sites for the Great Rivers Project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy. And stay in the hostel nearby Feilaisi Temple, where we can see the whole 13 Peaks of Meili Snow Mountain if lucky enough.Overnight there in Hotel.

Day3 Feilai Temple /Xidang Hot Spring(15km/7h trekking 2,650m/8,692ft,BLD)

Early in the morning, we will trek down directly to the edge of Mekong River(2,050m/6,724ft) along the trail nearby the White Summits. Walk up directly to Xidang Village(2,200m/7,216ft) for lunch, and go on walking about 2.5 hours or so to Hot Spring Hostel. Overnight there in Hostel.

Day4 Xidang Village/Yubeng Village(14km/6h trekking 3,050m/10,004ft,BLD)

Today's trekking will be strenuous ¨C For the first trekking section takes us 4 hours or so to climb up to the Mountain pass ( 3,700 m /12,136 ft) in the virgin forests. After a picnic at the summit (where there may still be snow in early spring), we will descend to the isolated village of Yubeng. We will spend the night in a small lodge.

Day5 Yubeng Village/Base Camp/Yubeng(18km/7h trekking be and back,BLD) 

In the morning, Walk from our hostel to the Base Camp(3,700m/12,136ft). We will trek up about 3hs to the Mountain pass(3,500m/11,480ft) in the virgin forests. On the way we may see many remains of the dead woods. And one hour trekking down along the horse-road from the mountain pass, we reach the base camp, where the view becomes very open. Overnight there in Hostel.

Day6 Yubeng Village/Sacred Waterfall/Yubeng(14km/4h trekking be and back,BLD)  

Weather permitting, we'll wake up to a clear view of the Mt. Kawagebo glacier. After breakfast we will hike to the waterfall(3,400m/11,152ft), from which Yubeng's name originated. Buddhists on a pilgrimage to the area circumambulate the waterfall 13 times with the belief that this act will erase all sins from this life. In the early afternoon we'll head back to the village lodge, visiting sacred sites along the way.Overnight there in Hostel.

Day7 Yubeng Village/ Yanmen Town(25km/8h trekking, 25km/1h drive 2,000m/6,560ft,BLD) 
Today We will spend the whole morning walking down in Yubeng Valley. Yubeng River flows all the way into Meikong River. Parts of the trail we will cover is actually a canal dig along the half-way mountain by local villagers. And the altitude drops also to 1,900m(6,232ft), causing quite different views on the way. Have lunch in Ninong village(1,900m/6,232ft), cross Meikong River and 2 hours more trek to Jiabi Village , change the van to Yanmen Town. Overnight there in Hostel.


Day8 Yanmen Town/Shigu Town(240km/7h drive, 1850m/6068ft,BLD)

In the morning it takes us one hour to drive to Cizhong village, visiting Cizhong Christian Church build by French missionaries last century. In the afternoon take the bus down along Mekong River directly to Shigu town, where the First bend of Yangzhi River passes by. On the way we also have chances for visiting Naxi, Lisu villages .Overnight in Shigu Town

Day9 Shigu Town/Tiger Leaping Gorge(50km/3h drive,BLD)

Drive back to Tiger Leaping Gorge for a sightseeing of Yangzi River.Then Overnight in a local Hotel.

Day10 Tiger Leaping Gorge/Lijiang Departure (80km/3h drive,BL)

Drive back Lijaing for departure. 


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