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Mountain K2 Trekking Tour - 21 Days

Destination: Mountain K2
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Trekking
Best Travel Time:May to Oct
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Mountain K2 (also known as Chhogori/Qogir, Ketu/Kechu, and Mount Godwin-Austen) is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. It is located on the border   between Baltistan, in the Gilgit¨CBaltistan region of northern Pakistan, and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China.  With a peak elevation of 8,611 m (28,251 feet), K2 is the highest point of the Karakoram Range and the highest point in Pakistan.

The Mountain K2 Tours and Expeditions are one of our most popular tour packages as it combines both the trek to the  Mountain K2 Base camp as well as China Cultural exploration. As we Trek Mountain K2 we¡¯ll see it in our reach throughout the three weeks as we pass through Borad Peak and the Gasherbrums from the north. It is arguably the most exraordinary display of apline scenenery on the planet - a must see for mountain connosieurs, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure addicts, you get the picture!

We¡¯ll trek along rivers, over a 16,000 foot pass, and up to the Mountain K2 Glacier. Being that trekking Mountain K2 is extremely challenging and extrenous we¡¯ll have camals to haul your overnight gear and food while you carry a small daypack. You¡¯ll also get to ride your camel across a few rivers on as we travel through one of the least visited parts of the Himalays. As part of our China Cultural exploration we¡¯ll also get to visit Kashgar, home of much Islamic architecture, in the Xinjiang province, one of the most important, scenic, and historical locations of the Silk Road.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$3150/persons 3150USD/Person

Day 1: Kashgar Arrival
We'll start the tour off by meeting you at the Kashgar airport, transfer to the hotel in Kashgar where we'll have a breif meeting for introductions of our hikers and the K2 Guide as well as discuss any important information about the upcoming 3 week K2 Trekking Adventure. Stay in a hotel in Kashgar. 

Day 2: Kashgar/Yecheng (about 260km, by jeep, altitude 1289m, LD)
On the first full day of our K2 Tour we will drive across some small Ugur counties and along the southwest border of Takelamagan Desert to Yecheng, a small but very important border county and starting point of Xinjiang-Tibet highway (the so-called highway is the highest altitude, the worst conditioned and dangerous road in the world. But don't worry! Our K2 Guide will get you there safetly! The altitude of the highest pass on the way is Jieshan pass 6730m). In the evening you'll stay in the simple hostel in the county.

Day 3: Yecheng/Yilik/River-joint Camping site (about 320km, by jeep£¬altitude 3800m, BLD)
The Road ends here today. We will drive over Akarz pass (3700m)and Maza Pass (4500m) along the Xinjiang-Tibet highway to river-joint camping site. Camping at the two rivers joint camping site.

Day 4: River-joint Camping site/No.1 Sheepfold Camping Site(about 16km, hiking about 7-8 hours£¬altitude 4300m, BLD) 
Today we will hike southwest along the Valley towards K2. Today will give us a beautiful 6-8 hour hike. At day's end we'll set up camp at Sheepfold Camping Site and relax with dinner cooked over an open fire.

Day 5: No.1 Sheepfold Site/Agil pass (4900m)/No.1 Red-willow Site(about 15km, hiking about7-9hours, altitude 3700m, BLD)
You don't go trekking K2 unless you are expecting some challenge and adventure. Well, today you'll get that. Day 6 is the hardest day of hiking. We will hike straight up for a little less than 1000m in height to the Agil pass. Keep in mind, though, that the small crystal lake, highland grassland and snow mountain afar will make the hardship worth. Today we'll also face the exciting challenge of crossing the Keleqing River. We'll set up camp at the No 1. Red-Willow Camp site.

Day 6: No.1 Red-willow Site/ No.3 Red-willow Site (about 18km, hiking about 8-12 hours, altitude 3700m, BLD )


Day 7: No.3 Red-willow Site/BC of K2 (about 12km, hiking about 6-8 hours£¬altitude 3980, BLD )
From No.3 Red-willow site we'll hike southwest for about 3km. We'll see K2 standing far away in front of us-an exciting moment. Further ahead for less than10 km, we will arrive at the Base Camp of K2(altitude 3900m). We won't be able to see K2 from this BC, but it is a great site for camping.

Day 8-12: BC of K2 / Italian Camp (Karatash, altitude 4700m)) /BC of K2 ( about 44 Km, hiking about 24 hours, BLD)
After one-day rest to acclimatize to the altitude at BC or a side trek to see Soughat Glaciers and Huang Guan peak.  and we will hike with porters and camels to carry equipment from base camp to advance base camp along K2 glacier from the altitude 3900m to 5160m. ABC is one of the best points to see the K2 and take pictures of it. We are supposed to Camp everyday.

Day 13-16: BC of K2/ Yellow Rock (BLD)
With our camels carrying the equipment we'll head back to Yellow Rock over 5 days with camping under the stars every night.

Day 17: Yellow Rock/Yilik/Yecheng (about 8-9km, 3 hours hiking, BLD)
Hiking about 3 hours to Yilik. Then drive back to Yecheng. Stay in local hotel. 

Day 18: Yecheng/Kashgar (BLD)
Drive back to Kashgar, stay in Kashgar Hotel. Have a good shower and rest after the long expedition. Stay in a hotel in Kashgar.

Day 19: Kashgar  (BL)

Visit the Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja dating from the mid-1600s; the beautiful tiled mausoleum contains the tombs of five generations of the Afaqi family, important figures in the development of Islam in China. Also visit the 15th century Id Kah Mosque, the largest in China. In the afternoon, pay a visit of the bazaar which is a good place to buy carpets, silk scarves, pashminas, and souvenirs. Stay in hotel.


Day 20: Kashgar / Lake Karakul)  (BL)
Travel to the Pamir Mountains via the spectacular Karakoram Highway. Lake Karakul is situated at over 3,000 meters elevation and is backdropped by the imposing bulk of 24,000 foot tall Muztagh Ata ("Father of Ice Mountains"). Mount Kongur, the tallest peak in the Pamirs at over 25,000 feet, can also be seen from the highway. Enjoy lunch in a restaurant at Lake Karakul. Kyrgyz nomads live in their yurts in the pastures around the lake. Return to Kashgar. Stay in a hotel in Kashgar.


Day 21: Kashgar Departure(B)
Free in the morning. Transfer to the Kashgar Airport for the flight back.

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