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Yading Daocheng Trekking Xichang Kangding Chengdu Tour- 13 Days

Destination: Yading Daocheng Xichang Kangding Chengdu
Duration: Thirteen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Trekking
Best Travel Time:April - Oct
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Yading is a national level reserve in Daocheng County, in the southwest of Sichuan Province, China. Unknown to the outside world until the late 1990s, it is a mountain sanctuary and major Tibetan pilgrimage site comprising three peaks sanctified by the 5th Dalai Lama. The peaks are seen as emanations of the three boddhisatvas Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje, with Chenrezig being the highest peak at 6032 meters above sea level.

Yading Trekking- Shangrila Adventure: Trekking adventure from ethnic village of Dulu into the alpine gorge of Baishui to the picturesque Zambie nomads camp. From the edge of rock cliff to highland lakes in Yading. Views of primitive forest, rustling waterfalls, ancient glaciers and awe-inspring snow-capped mountains in the total wilderness from Muli to Yading Nature Reserve

Three Sacred Mountains in Yading
Chenrezig, Chenadorje, Jampayang are the three sacred mountains covered with snow all year round. They are called "three holy protectors" as a whole, recognized as of great significance among the many religious sites on Tibetan Plateau that attracts a lot of Tibetan Buddhists and pilgrims. The "Shambala" views and significance at the three mountains have made Yading Reserve a major tourist destination in southwest China. Our Yading trekking trip gose through the center of the Shangrila.

Evil Exorcising
It is a religious rite held on the 7th day of the second month in Tibetan Lunar Calendar. This is another form of ritual dance that has the same sense with the ritual dancings held in other Tibetan regions. A drama goes with a devil gets drifted by sutras chanting from the monks in the monasteries. The devil is usually dressed and face-colored in half white and half black with feathers plugged in his hair, making this role a vivid "devil".

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1950/persons 1950USD/Person

Day 01:Chengdu - Xichang
Arrive in Chengdu, visit this robust west China city and ride the night train from Chengdu to Xichang. The train is the popular transport used by Chinese, a train trip brings you close experience of your China travel.

Meal: None         Overnight: On Train - Hard Berth or Soft Berth

Day 02:Xichang - Muli

One day ride from Xichang to Muli. Along the trip are beautiful highland views of the rolling mountain landscape. Arrive in Muli in late afternoon.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner   Overnight: Hotel

Day 03:Muli - Dulu
Another day car riding to the start of our trekking location: the small village of Dulu. It is only 200km from Muli to Dulu, but the road condition is not good. There are possible landslides along the basic road during the rainy season. In this region, landslide is easy-triggered by the rain but most of them are in a small scale and usually get quickly fixed. The mountain landscape becomes obvious in Muli. Along the winding road to Dulu we cross bridges and climb up and down. Dulu is a community at the bank of the Shuiluo River at an elevation of around 2700 meters. It is generally Tibetan community but also some mixed other groups like Mongolians and Pumi Peolple.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner         Overnight: Homestay or Camping

Day 04:Dulu - Baishui Camp
On the first day of our Yading Adventure Trek, we follow the dirt track along the Tongtian River valley until we reach the conjunction with Baishui River, a small raging stream originated from the Yading snow mountains. From here we walk into the dense forest and our trail starts to rise in altitude. The farm terrace patches disappear when we are in the wilderness in the Baishui valley. Waterfalls and cave as we ascend. Today's acclimatization walk ends at Baishui Camp in the afternoon. (Approx 6 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 05:Baishui Camp - Zambie Ranch
Continue ascending in the primitive forest by following the winding trail in the mist. Old trees remind us the wilderness of this valley. Landscapes change into rocky faces as we walk out of the forest and get our sight of the snow mountains in Yading. The valley becomes wider and plants shorter. Zambie Ranch is yak pasturing meadow used by local herders in summer. We may possibly run into the local Tibetan herdsman in their dark stone-made hut. At Zambie, we can have direct views of the holy peak Chenadorje, an ice cream like peak and one of the three major mountains in Yading. (Approx 6 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    Overnight: Camping

Day 06:Zambie - Xinggo Ranch

Leave the flower blooming Zambie Ranch we set out for anther day's trekking. It is a long day. The views accelerate into another level today. We have views of two of the three Holy Mountains of Yading: Chenadorje and Jampayang. White glaciers at the top, dark rocky mountains in the middle and the green forest at the bottom. Rhododendron will be blooming all over the mountain in June and July(While in September and October, the mountain is covered by saffron plants). Climb up the steep Zambala Pass(elevation 4700 meters) where we find ourselves in a total arid, wind-blowing rocky ridge. Over the pass we shower in the open views of the stunning valley stretching southwestward. Pass the mani stone pile and a giant old landslide we camp at Xinggo Ranch at altitude of 4200 meters right behind the peak of Jampayang. Xinggo Ranch is also a yak ranch of local Tibetans temporal residence when herding. At Xinggo, we can witness the very old glaciers and beautiful mountain rocks. (Approx 8 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    Overnight: Camping

Day 07: Xinggo Ranch - Xado Ranch
A climbing-up day again. Leave Xinggo Ranch after breakfast and pack more dring water for yourself as when we traversing the long range of landslide "huashipo" it may be difficult to find water. Looking back we catch the great views of the valley as well as the Xinggo Ranch we have trod by foot. The giant peak of Jampayang looks like a giant peach with a cuspate peak. Elevation reaches over 4500 meters for most of the day. It is always misty at such high altitude. Mani piles and prayer flags become more and more at the side of the path. Looking southward down is the deep valley in a great distance. Elevation difference between the bottom of the valley below to where we trek is almost 1000 meters. If expect to see one deep gorge in the Eastern Himalaya region, this maybe one. Over the zigzags we reach the rocky land of Black Lake. Edgy rocks and mountains are everywhere. Tibetan Buddhists regard the odd-shaped rocks and stones as divine Buddhist bibles and Buddha. Another ascent before we reach Xado Ranch when the views become greater. Jampayang is witnessed from another angle. Glowing peaks of the mountains provide stunning mountain views in a sunny day. We camp at Xado at 4445 meters where yaks pasturing pleasantly. (Approx 7 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner     Overnight: Camping

Day 08:Xado Ranch - Kasi Hut
Today we walk in front of the beautiful snow-capped peak of Jampayang. Ascent before we reach Reshitso, a lake named Lake of Snake, because it has a form that resembles a snake. It is a turquoise colored lake at the altitude of around 4500 meters in the mountain hollow at the foot of the holy peak of Jampayang. It is also a sacred meditation location for the Tibetan Buddhists. Splendid mountain views of the holy mountain Jampayang. Ascent again before we catch the sight of Chenrezig and reach Sumdo La, the gate from the Yading Inner Kora to the Outter Kora, a mountain pass between the relatively well-developed Yading Reserve and the total wilderness of Yading at the west side(the trail we trekking). Continue walk to Kasi Hut where we set our campsite. Sit down and enjoy the direct views of Holy Jampayang and Chenrezig. (Approx 6 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner     Overnight: Camping

Day 09:Kasi Hut - Kasi Camp
Optional excursion visiting old glaciers to the corrie of Chenrezig in the morning. It is an easy day as we walk below the deep drop of West face Chenerzig passing small waterfalls and rocky debris. We won't be climbing up from this day on of our trekking although the walking down may also be strenuous because it is quite steep walking down to the Kasi Camp. Reach the Camp early and rest at this 3800 meters' high small campsite. (Approx 4 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner     Overnight: Camping

Day 10:Kasi Camp - Daocheng
Last day on our Yading wilderness trekking. We dive into the Kasi Gulley this morning. Kasi Valley, more generally referred by local people and the Yading lovers the "Kasi Hell Valley". It is a narrow gulley east to the Yading Reserve stretching 13 km long to the Kasi Village at the west at its deepest part 1000 meters, enclosuring odd-shaped rocks, raging flows, calcium lakes and the most primitive forest. Many of the rocks are described by local people metaphorically as guillotines, choppers and balance scales, something from the Hell. In the Tibetan legend or belief, people will have to walk through this gulley after their death and then towards the heaven. Therefore, one may say the heaven is the three Holy Mountains of Yading and the Hell is the Kasi Valley. One has to respect the holy spirits that dwell here when walking through this gulley. When we walk out of the gulley is the Kasi Village where we say goodbye to our porter team and transfer to Daocheng for lodging overnight. (Approx 5 hours)
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    Overnight: Hotel

Day 11:Daocheng - Xingduqiao/Kangding
Ride from Daocheng to Xinduqiao or Kangding depend on the traffic conditin or schedule. It is a two-day trip from Daocheng to Chengdu. Great Kham views along the trip: Haiz Mountains, Kazla Pass and Jianzwan Pass. Take pictures of what you may have not seen about Tibetan Kham on your previous days. Overnight in hotel.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    Overnight: Hotel

Day 12:Xinduqiao/Kangding - Chengdu
Elevation drops when we ride eastward into the plains. Arrive in Chengdu in the afternoon and transfer to your hotel.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner    Overnight: Hotel

Day 13: Chengdu Departure.
Your Yading Trekking- Shangrila Adventure trip ends. Take you to Airport for Departure.


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