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Minya Konka/Mount Gongga Trekking Sichuan Tour -10 Days

Destination: Minya Konka/Mount Gongga
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Trekking
Best Travel Time:May - Oct
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Mount Gongga, also known as Minya Konka, is the highest mountain in Sichuan province, China. It is also known to locals as "The King of Sichuan Mountains". Situated in the Daxue Shan mountain range, between Dadu River and Yalong River, part of the Hengduan mountainous region.This Minya Konka trekking trip offers you the splendid snow-capped peaks in Eastern Tibetan region. Immerse yourself into the long-cultivated Tibetan Buddhism through far and away nomads village and monastery. This is a memorable adventure walking from a Tibetan village to the heart of the magnificent range of Minya Konka.

Minya Konka Tibetans
The Minya  Konka Tibetan is a sub-group of Tibetan people living geographically west to the Minya Konka south of Danba County, east to Yajiang County and north to Jiulong County. It is believed to be the descendants of the long lost Tangut people who first dwelled in northwest of Tibet Plateau. The Minya people speak different language. Architecture and Custom of the Minya people are quite special. Witness the colorful groups through a trekking trip into the Minya Konka Mountains.


Tibetan Cordyceps
Tibetan Cordyceps, or Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, are considered valuable herbal medicine in oriental medication. Its price has raised dramatically since 2000 in Chinese herbal medicine market. Some of the cordyceps are more expensive than gold. Chinese believe it can cure tuberculosis and enhence the immune system. While wondering in the Minya Regions in Spring time, you may find Minya Tibetans riding out to the mountains digging something from the earth, that's right, they are trying to find the caterpillar fungus in the high, arid and chilly alpine mountains and sell them to the Chinese herbal medicine dealers. The caterpillar fungus has become one of the major incomes for the Tibetans for a long time since its price rose. On a lucky day, one can find as many as over 100 pieces of this fungus and on a normal day, they can probably find 20 - 50 pieces.


Gongga Gompa
It is one of the three major Kargyupa monasteries in Kham and it has long been a place for many Buddhist to practice meditation. Long served as the basecamp for Minya Konka mountain climbers. A visit to the Temple accelerates the knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhism.


The Ancient Tea-Horse Road
The Ancient Tea-Horse Road is the equivalence of the northerly Silk Road in Asia, also known as "the Southern Silk Road". Dartsedo(Kangding) became one of the busiest enterport trading center when the Manchuria Emperor Kangxi officially subsided tea-horse in 18th century. In the old days, tea and salt from China were repacked with hard-wearing leather bags for a much longer journey, horses and rare herbal/animals from Tibet were traded to the Chinese. Today Kanding is the gateway for several adventure travels in Kham of Sichuan.


The Khampas
The Khampas generally refer the Tibetans live in Tibetan Kham region which currently including northern Yunnan, western Scihuan, southern Qinghai and eastern Tibet. Khampas are descendents of many ancient groups of the Qiangic, Tibetans, Mongolians and Nakhi. Khampas are a bit different from Tibetans in Lhasa. Khampas are more athletic and rugged. They are more into the horse-racing games and most of them are good singers. Though generally referred as Khampas, the diversity of the Kham groups are obvious. There are many exoticness to be explored.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1500/persons 1500USD/Person

Day 01:Chengdu - Kangding
The first day is on transfer by vehicle from Chengdu to Kangding(Dartsedo). Our staff gives a brief the previous day in details about our journey to western Sichuan. This is a 6 to 7 hours' riding. We have lunch en route the 318 National Highway. Reach Kangding in the afternoon. Have a little walk in this once-booming Tea-Horse trading town. Feel the style of Kham people and their way of living. Kangding is rather a developed town compare to other towns in this area. Basic supplies are available in this town.

Meal: Lunch, Dinner         Overnight: Hotel

Day 02:Kangding - Gyazela
Our trek starts after a short ride from our hotel to a poorly facilitated sand/gravel working mill where we meet our porter team. It is inside a valley called Gyazela with white water flushing down from upstream. Trail underfoot becomes muddy and rocky as we ascent, and it is with less and less human trace. Primitiveness is obvious when constructions disappear. In a sunny day, we can get sight of the Tianhaizi peak(6070 meters) in the north . Tianhaizi peak and other peaks connected are of great views and itself a series of separated peaks out of the Minya Konka main range. Ascent is gradual along the river. It can get quite misty and possibly rainy in a summer morning. Beautiful mountain views on both sides. We camp in a small meadow by the river. (about 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 03:Gyazela - Gyazela Pasture
Wake up in the cold air. Fog is common in this valley in the morning but will clear out when sun comes out. We keep going up along the river passing the nomads settlement. The yaks stare a lot but won't charge. Plants grow vigorously out of the old landslides on both sides. Mountain rocks stand more vigorously in wind and rain. Former pilgrims and explorers first set foot on this trail and many mountain climbers followed this trail. Ascend via the rugged rocky face at a river junction and listen to the sound made by a tiny waterfall in a tiny water gap. Though not as vast as what we have at the Rongbuk Monastery of Himalaya, view here is more diverse. The Little Konka(Mt. Riuche) is visible if time permits. This Little Konka is an attractive peak summitted by two British in 1980s. It is an almost perfect pyramidal peak. Camp in an open meadow by the small river at an elevation of 4350 meters.(about 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 04:Gyazala Pasture - Panpanshan Camp
Wake up to catch a glance of the glaciers on the mountains ridges. The valley we covered yesterday becomes a sea of cloud sometimes. If weather permits, the spectacular cloud sea below stretches out of to the end of our sight. Today's mission is to cross over a 4670 meters mountain pass. Gradually ascent and gradually descent into the rather arid open valley named Yulongxi. Mountains at the north blocked the moisture making this valley less green than the former one. All the way down to today's campsite where lots of Cynomys stand and stare. Encompass nomads settlement sometimes en route and probably be hawked by one of them with their handpicked mysterious cordyceps. (approx 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 05:Panpanshan Camp - Yulongxi
A day's walk in this valley with on strenuous ups or downs until we reach today's campsite, a local Minya Tibetan village where we can make a visit to one of the families if available. Feel the spirit of the Tibetan cowboys when they pass by on either a horse or a motorcycle. Yaks and mosquitoes are all around. Today is rather a recovery from the previous strenuosity and for the following two days' trek. Optional visit to an interesting calcium lake 2 km south of this village.(approx 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 06:Yulongxi - Yak Ranch
Keep cameras fully charged for today's view. Please don't use too much of your camera power on the adorable baby yaks found in the scattered scrubs. Today we transverse towards the Yulongxi Pass. Follow the trail we spend about 2 hours ascending until get top of the pass. Sublime panoramic views of the Minya Konka peaks stretches out in front of us at the top. In a sunny day, the Minya Konka overtop its correlative peaks soaring 7556 meters into the vast crystal sky. Colors in your lens ranges from dark green at the bottom to white in the middle and blue the top. View is exciting. What's more exciting is that campsite is at a location where we can see the peak of Minya Konka the whole time until dusk comes. Be aware of the weather as it snows unexpectedly sometimes. (approx 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 07:Yak Ranch - Gongga Gompa
Today we dive into the bottom of the valley to the other side of the river. Route continues steadily up through alpine trees. Mountain on the other side looks like a giant green wall through the interspace of the dense forest. We arrive at Gonga Gompa where we get an even closer view of Minya Konka. This is a centuries' old monastery in Tibetan Buddhism known for its remoteness used by many monks for meditation. This Gompa is also a popular campsite for expeditions to the Minya Konka. Many use this as the first basecamp for Minya Konka climbing. Temples in the monastery are sometimes unavailable for visitors. Consult the monk in the monastery on the etiquette when in a temple if we are going to pay a visit. (approx 5 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping

Day 08:Gongga Gompa - Shanmuju
Watch the sunrise on Minya Konka in the morning. Have breakfast before packing up for our last trekking day. Leave late in the morning for our trekking terminal Tsemed camp where we meet our transfer. Today the trail retraces some areas we traveled yesterday. Have lunch at Tsemed camp where a bunch of Tibetan houses stand at this less-visited road split-junction. Stop at the Tsemed Pass to have a last glance of the Minya Konka. Overnight in local basic Minya guesthouse or camp.(approx 3 hours)

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner      Overnight: Camping or Hostel

Day 09:Shanmuju - Kangding
Vehicle ride(approx 4 hours) to stopover town Kangding for another night. Plenty time left this afternoon for options like hot spring bath, festival gathering if available.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner        Overnight: Hotel

Day 10:Kangding - Chengdu
Drive back to Chengdu. Take you to aiport for departure.

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