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Liming Laojun Mount Geopark Lisu Village Tour -2 Days

Destination: Liming
Duration: Two Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Liming Village, here at the start of Thousand Tortoise Trail,has stood almost a thousand

years. Lisu people are the main inhabitants in Liming Village, but some Ethnic Yi and

Ethnic Naxi live here too. All ethnic groups retain their own languages, traditions and

religions.Take time to explore Liming beofre your hiking Thousand Tortoise Mountain to get

to know these hospitable and gentle ethnic people.

Lisu Families

About 750 families live in Liming Village. Many other Lisu villages live on the other red

sanstone cliffs across Liming Valley here in Laojun Mountain. Some samll Lisu families live

in the high Danxia Landform Mountains which near deep groges.

Liming River Valley

Liming River runs through the deep long gorge surrounding by Danxia Landform

mountians.Small Lisu villages are along the Liming River, and patterns of odd shaped fields

are built to take advantage of every farmable piece of land.Along them are Liguang Village,

Lusheng Village and most famous Hongshi Village/Redrock Village.


Liming Lisu Local Market
Each 1st, 11st,21st and 31st are the Local Lisu Market Day. Lisu people, Naxipeole, Yi

People from all around villages and moutnains gather in Hongshi Village to buy or sell

their daily commodities. 

Liming Danxia Landform:

Liming Laojun Mount Geopark is located in Liming Ethnic Lisu Village in Yulong Ethnic Naxi

Autonomous County in Lijiang, Yunnan province of China. It hA  wonderful patterns of Danxia

 peak forest, Danxia Cliffs and Ethnic Lisu villages. Peaks with tortoise shell shape

surface are unique here.  Liming Danxia Landforms are mainly are composed by large red colord cliffs, special tortoise sehll peaks, multi layer and odd shaped mountains. Three typical features of Danxia  Landform are flat top, deep slope and gentle base. Also visible here is a sharp peak that is a glacier feature.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$300/persons 300USD/Person

Day 1: Lijiang -Shigu Town - Liming Village

Drive from Lijiang o Shigu Town, Visit the First Bend of Yangtze River and enjoy Yangtze Rafting on Yangtze River. Then drive to Liming Village, go to Anqini and do Rock Clmbing for around 2hours. Overnight in Hongshi Street.


Day 2: Liming Village - Thousand Tortoise Mount - Lijiang.

Morning hiking to the Peak of Thousand Tortoise Mount, along the path to the peak, enjoy Danxia Land forms and have a bird view of Liming River Valley. Afternoon drive back to Lijiang.


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