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Shidong Ethnic Miao Dragon Boat Festival Tour - 6 Days

Destination: kaili, Zhenyuan,Guiyang
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Best in June
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The Miao dragon boat festival along the Qingshuijiang river is called " Cha Weng" in Miao language, it is also called " Lou Weng" which means eating dragon meat. During May 24 to May 27 of the lunar month, the Miao along the Qingshuijiang in Shidong of Taijiang county, Pingzhai, of Shibin county celebrate the dragon boat festival.

There are several legends can tell from why there is this festival. One legend goes, one day, a fisherman and his son caught fish on the Bala river, then his son was caught by the bad dragon and taken to the dragon's home in the river. The fisherman was very sad and angry, he decided to kill the dragon, so he used fire to burn the dragon palace and the dragon, he cut the dragon into several pieces, the villagers came to eat the dragon meat, thus it became dark for 9 days and 9 nights. One day, a women with a little girl came to the river side and washed clothes, her daughter used rice straw to tie a wooden mallet and pulled it up and down on the water, she imitated the sound of gong and drum- 'dong, dong, dong, dang, dong, dong, dong, dang", then it became bright days. So the villagers made dragon boats following the wood mallet's shape, they rolled dragon boats and beat drums and gongs on the river, thus this festival came into being.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$900/persons 900USD/Person

D1:  Arrival Guiyang.
Arrive Guiyang airport, have a city tour if time permit.

D2:  Guiyang-Kaili
Drive to Leishan, visit a Miao village on the Leigongshan Mountain, see small waterfalls, drive back to Kaili.

D3:  Kaili-Zhenyuan
Drive to Shidong, see the Dragon Boat Festival of the Miao. Drive to Zhenyuan. Visit the Black Dragon Cave old architecture if time permit.

D4:  Zhenyuan-Kaili
Drive to Kaili via the small town of Chong'an, Chong'an is a small town with interesting market and sites. If lucky, we may come across a festival in this little town. The Gejia and Miao people from nearby villages come to join the festival.

D5:  Kaili--Guiyang
Today we drive back to Guiyang-the capital city of Guizhou. On the way, we will see the Small Flowery Miao. Checking in first when arrival Guiyang, then we drive to visit Hongfu Buddhist Temple and have the vegetarian meal in the temple.

D6:  Guiyang Depaarture
Drive to the airport connect to the morning flight to your next destination after breakfast, finish the Guizhou Miao Dragon Boat Festival tour.

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