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Guanyin Gorge Baisha Ancient Town Tour -1 Day

Destination: Guanyin Gorge Baisha Ancient Town
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Guanyin Gorge Scenic Area


Guanyin Gorge Scenic Area is at the roadside from Lijiang Airport to the Old Town of Lijiang Airport. The scenic spot is a combination of both natural and cultural landscapes, featuring beautiful lakes, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, folk religious customs, Naxi village, tea-horse ancient streets, and space-time tunnels. Guanyin Gorge used to be an important pass and military fortress on Lijiang¡¯s part of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road northwards Tibet. Chieftain Mu of Lijiang once asked to establish customhouse and barracks here. On January 25 1639, Xu Xiake, the great traveler and geographer of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), visited Guanyin Gorge on the way to Lijiang at the invitation of Chieftain Mu. He ever described: ¡°there are docks on the winding rivers, and farm lands are surrounding villages in the gorge It is the first key to Lijiang¡±. Therefore, it is called the "No. 1 landscape" in Lijiang.

Guanyin Gorge scenic area consists two major parts, the Yellow Dragon Pool and Guanyin Gorge. In the Yellow Dragon area, you could witness the traditional architectures of Naxi including traditional Courtyard Architecture, Wooden Houses and Compounds with Three Houses and a Screen Wall to Reflect the Sunlight etc.; on either side of the Tea-Horse Street, you can visit workshops of cobblers, wood sculptors, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, and silversmiths etc. The Yellow Dragon Pool is composed of several limpid brooks locating upstream, middle and downstream. Old trees and beautiful sceneries are clearly reflected in the Pool, which gives you an impressive and charming beauty of the Pool and its surrounding sceneries.

The lofty peak beside the Yellow Dragon Pool is the Yulong Guan (Jade Dragon Pass". Chieftain Mu wrote a line in his book Envoy of Two Passes, saying ¡°Two passes are set up between mountains; two passes are decisive channels for conquering each mountain¡±. His lines vividly describe the strategic role of this place. It used to be the only pass for Xu Xiake and many caravans to enter Lijiang north from Dali and Heqing. Chieftain Mu once built a so-called "Small Great Wall" fortification, and a vestige of the fortification still exists on the mountain today.

The 385-meter "time tunnel" integrates two completely different scenery styles into one. You can sit in a comfortable and safe electrical train to enjoy different sceneries, which is an obvious manifestation of the humanity in designing these infrastructures.

Guanyin Gorge is blanked with precipitous cliffs that are said to be cleaved by Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) with her palm. The winding Yanggong River passes through the whole Gorge. In 2004, the Rock Climbing of the Seven Stars Int¡¯l Cross-country Race was held in Guanyin Gorge.

There is a Guanyin Waterfall in the Gorge, with a drop of over 40 meters. Its peculiarity and beauty lies in the charming double rainbow that the waterfall produces when the sun shines into the Gorge at noon.


Baisha Old Town

Baisha Ancient Town is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang. It is the earliest settlement of the Naxi people and is the birthplace of "Tusi", chief of the Mu clan. In the town there are many ancient buildings built during the Ming Dynasty, including Dabaoji Palace, Liuli Temple, and Wenchang Palace. The well-known Baisha Frescoes are located in Dabaoji Palace.

Because of the white sand on the ground, the town was named "Baisha", which means "white sand". In the Naxi language, it is called "bengshi". The architectural complex is made up of two parts, folk residence and cultural sites. The folk residence is called "pengshizhi" which in the local language means "Baisha Streets". The streets all go from south to north. In the center of the Ancient Town there is a square where three thoroughfares intersect. Houses and small stores stand on the both sides of these streets. A crystal clear stream winds around all the houses flowing through the small town from north to south.

Baisha Ancient Town is the cradle of the Mu clan. There the Mu family became experienced in city planning. Early in the Tang Dynasty when the king of Nanzhao State named the Yulong Snow Mountain North-Yue, the ancestors of Mu clan began to build Baisha Streets and North-Yue Temple in Baisha Ancient Town. In the Song Dynasty the prosperous little town became the economic, political and cultural center of Lijiang. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties the Mu family gradually moved to Dayan town. The central district of the town is characterized by temple groups called "Mudu" and a big square symbolizes the political rights of the Mu family. Among the surviving ancient architectural groups, the Fuguo Temple, Dabaoji Palace, Liuli Palace, and Dading

Pavilion were built during the reign of Tusi. During this time, the Mu people began to channel water from Yulong Snow Mountain into the town.In the center of Baisha Ancient Town is a group of temples called "Mudu". There are many ancient buildings such as Dabaji Palace, Dading Pavilion, Jingang Palace and Baisha Frescoes. All of these ancient buildings witnessed the golden age of Baisha Ancient Town.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$150/persons 150USD/Person

Day 1: Lijiang -Guanyin Gorge -Baisha -Lijiang

Morning drive to Guanyin Gorge Scenic Area, walk on the tea horse path,visit Mu's house and tea horse street. Enjoy the beauty of Lotus Pond, through Xiake Pavilion to Tianxiang Tower. Watch the Dragon Spring Waterfall. Afternoon Visit Baisha Old town.


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