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Alashan Desert Adventure Trekking Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Alashan Desert
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:May - Oct
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Alashan Desert is located in the westernmost part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordered in the north by Mongolia, in the south and west by Gansu province. This area encompasses several different deserts, including the Badanjilin, the Ulan Buh, and the Tengger. Hundreds of saltwater and freshwater lakes can be found in these deserts, including a few which we will be visiting.
Historical evidence of human presence in Alashan dates back as far as 6,000 years ago, when the Mandela Mountain Rock Paintings were carved. 28 ethnic groups including Han, Mongolian and Hui people inhabit this 270,000-square-kilometer (104,247 square miles) land. Reputed as the 'hometown of the camel', Alashan is abundant in two-humped camels and the down producing goat. The former were very important as pack animals along the Silk Road.
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Day 1 Yinchuan Arrival -Bayanhaote
Morning arrive at Yinchuan Airport, lunch in Yinchuan.Drive to
Bayanhaote,and check in to the hotel.Visit the Bayanhaote Museum and Stone Market.

Day 2 Bayanhaote - Yellow Grass Lake - Toudao Lake
Breakfast at the hotel, drive to the Alashan desert.Arrive at the edge
of the desert.Hike/drive through desert, one hour camel ride to Yellow Grass Lake.Meet jeeps at Yellow Grass Lake, drive on through dunes to Toudao Lake.Picnic lunch at Toudao Lake.Hike through dunes.Set up camp at by a desert lake. Climb up dunes for sunset.Simple dinner and free time, bonfire after dinner.


Day 3 Toudao Lake - Bayanhaote
Wake up for sunrise (optional).Breakfast at campsite.Arrive on foot at
Chengqing Temple after driving and hiking through the desert.Drive through the desert.Lunch near the edge of the desert.Drive out of the desert.Check in the hotel in Bayanhaote and wash up.Dinner at the hotel, free time.


Day 4 Bayanhaote - Yinchuan Departure
Breakfast at hotel.Check out of hotel, drive back to Yinchuan.Take a
quick look Ming Dynasty and Han Dynasty Great Wall.Visit Western Xia Imperial Tombs.Have lunch in Yinchuan.Visit a mosque in Yinchuan.Go to airport for departure.

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