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Korla Kuqa Aksu Kashgar Silk Road Tour 每 7 Days

Destination: Xinjiang
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Spend seven days on the Silk Road, heading west to Kashgar and travelling by jeep instead of camel through the vast empty areas of Xinjiang Province. Along the way, visit some of the sights in the less well known Silk Road stops like Korla, Subashi, and Aksu; finish the trip by exploring Kashgar!
One of our most popular long distance trips is the &Journey from the West*, starting from Urumqi and heading east to Jiayuguan. On this trip we*re going the other way, following the Silk Road west to Kashgar 每 a journey of more than one thousand kilometers!
Skirting the fringes of the huge Taklamakan Desert, we*ll pass through obscure Silk Road stops like Korla, Kuqa, and Aksu. We*ll take a hike to see the stunning scenery of the Baicheng Landform and the Dakziliya Grand Canyon, and will explore the Buddhist art and murals of the Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves.
The Journey to the West is one of the four classics of Chinese literature, and is a fictionalised account of the actual journey made by Buddhist monk Xuanzang in the sixth century. Some of the historical information known about the stops we make along the way is attributed to notes made by Xuanzang on his journey.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1050/persons 1050USD/Person

Day 1 Beijing - Urumqi

07:30 每 Meet up at Beijing Capital Airport
08:40 每 Flight to Urumqi
12:40 每 Arrive in Urumqi
15:30 每 Onward flight from Urumqi to Korla
16:15 每 Arrive in Korla
16:50 每 Check in at hotel, head out to explore Korla's Old City
19:00 每 Local specialties for dinner
20:00 每 Back to the hotel

Day 2 Urumqi - Kuqa
08:30 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:00 每 Load baggage on to our jeeps and drive to Kuqa (about 4 hours

14:00 每 Arrive in Kuqa, check in at hotel
15:30 每 Visit Kuqa's Grand Mosque, King's Palace, Old Town
19:30 每 Dinner in town
20:30 每 Drive back to the hotel

Day 3  Kuqa - Subashi -  Baicheng landform
08:30 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:00 每 30-minute drive in jeeps to the ancient city of , walk

around the ancient city
12:00 每 Travel to the Dakziliya Grand Canyon for hiking and

exploration (1 hour drive)
14:00 每 Picnic lunch
15:00 每 Drive to the Baicheng landform
16:30 每 Set up camp
18:30 每 Dinner at campsite

Day 4 Baicheng landform - Kizil - Aksu
08:30 每 Pack up tents, breakfast
09:00 每 Drive to the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves (1 hour in jeeps)
10:00 每 Tour of Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves
12:00 每 Drive to Aksu (3 hours)
14:00 每 Lunch break
15:00 每 Drive on
16:00 每 Arrive at Aksu, check in to hotel
16:30 每 Tour Aksu's Old City
19:00 每 Dinner

Day 5  Aksu - Kashgar
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Drive to Kashgar (5 hour drive)
13:30 每 Lunch at a small town along the way
14:30 每 Take a look about the small town
15:30 每 Continue the drive
17:00 每 Arrive in Kashgar, check in to hotel
17:30 每 Walk around Kashgar City
18:30 每 Xinjiang specialties for dinner
20:00 每 Back to the hotel

Day 6  Kashgar
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Visit Kashgar's old town
13:30 每 Lunch at local restaurant
14:30 每 Visit the Id Kar Mosque
15:30 每 Visit the Qing Dynasty concubine's tomb
16:30 每 Visit Kashgar's Grand Bazaar
20:00 每 Dinner

Day 7 Kashgar - Urumqi
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Look about the local livestock market
12:00 每 Lunch at local restaurant
13:00 每 Head to the airport
13:30 每 Arrive at the airport and check in
14:35 每 Fly to Urumqi
16:20 每 Arrived in Urumqi

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