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Bashang Grasslands Hiking Tour -3 Days

Destination: Bashang Grasslands
Duration: There Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Bashang Grasslands is sited on the junction of the Mongolian Plateau, the Inner Mongolia Grasslands, and the North China Plain, Bashang is a photogenic place of beauty with a cool climate and an interesting history. The wide, flat Mongolian plateau slopes gently down towards the mountains north of Beijing, providing an easy way for the raiding horsemen of Genghis Khan to get close to the city, and vice-versa for troops heading the other way. Consequently, the grasslands have been the site of many battles, from ancient dynasties up until the Second World War. These days, the prairie is peaceful, home to nomads and grazing flocks of sheep and herds of cows.
The big sky and green hills of Bashang. With an average height of more than 1,300 metres above sea level, the grasslands on the plateau are higher than many of the mountains we hike while in Beijing. This means that the temperature is lower than that of Beijing: freezing cold in winter, but cool and refreshing in summer, with temperatures expected to be around 20∼C during the daytime 每 about 10∼C less than the expected temperatures in Beijing for the time of year that we will be visiting. On this trip, you*ll explore the flowery grasslands and rolling hills on foot, and enjoy a bonfire, BBQ, and stargazing in the broad night skies.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$450/persons 450USD/Person

Day 1 Beijing - Bashang
13:30 〞 5hr bus ride Beijing to Bashang
18:30 〞 check into guesthouse, dinner



Day 2 Bashang Grasslands Hiking
07:30 〞 Breakfast
08:00每13:00 〞 Hiking
13:30每14:00 〞 Late lunch after the hike at our hotel
15:00每19:30 〞 Free time or horse back riding
19:30每20:30 〞 Bonfire and BBQ


Day 3 Bashang Grasslands Hiking - Beijing
07:30 〞 Breakfast
08:00每12:00 〞 Hiking
12:00每13:00 〞 Lunch at our hotel
13:30每140:0 〞 Pack up and get ready to leave
14:00每19:00 〞 Back to Beijing

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