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Altun Mountains Adventure Tour - 9 Days

Destination: Altun Mountains
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Altun Mountains National Nature Reserve
One of the largest of China*s National Nature Reserves, the 43,000 km2 Altun Mountain Nature Reserve is a broad basin that contains several large lakes, and is surrounded by a ring of mountains with many peaks higher than 4,000m.
Protected by the mountains, its lack of roads, and distance from any sort of large town (plus the rather hefty fee for entrance permits) the reserve is a safe home for a wildlife population estimated at 15 million, with species including Tibetan antelopes and gazelles, bison, snow leopards, brown bears, wild camels and yaks, and golden eagles.
The reserve is located in the far south of Xinjiang Province, very close to the border of Xinjiang and Qinghai Province, and just a bit north of Tibet*s northeast corner.
Make an expedition into the high-altitude wilderness of the Altun Mountains Nature Reserve, one of China*s largest protected areas, to see stunning scenery and an amazing array of endangered wildlife. You*ll also visit Dunhuang*s Mogao Caves and several other obscure Silk Road stops.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1350/persons 1350USD/Person

Day 1 Beijing - Urumqi- Korla
07:30 每 Beijing Capital Airport
08:40 每 Flight to Urumqi
12:40 每 Arrive in Urumqi
15:30 每 Onward flight from Urumqi to Korla
16:15 每 Arrive in Korla
16:50 每 Check in at hotel, head out to explore Tiemenguan
19:30 每 Back to the hotel for dinner


Day 2 Korla - Charkhlik
09:00 每 Breakfast at Hotel
09:30 每 Load jeeps, drive to Charkhlik
11:30 每 Begin the drive through Taklamakan Desert highway
12:30 每 Picnic lunch
15:30 每 Check in to hotel at Charkhlik
16:30 每 Visit Charkhlik Old City
19:30 每 Dinner


Day 3  Charkhlik -  Altun Mountains Nature Reserve
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Load jeeps, drive to Altun Mountains Nature Reserve
11:30 每 Short hike to a scenic spot in the foothills
13:30 每 Lunch
15:00 每 Set up camp at Duck Springs in the nature reserve
18:00 每 Dinner, campfire


Day 4   Aqqikkol Lake
08:30 每 Breakfast and break camp
09:00 每 Drive to Aqqikkol Lake
10:30 每 Hiking
13:30 每 Lunch
14:30 每 Drive to Aqqikkol volcano area
18:30 每 Hiking to 3,700m high point
19:30 每 Dinner and camp


Day 5 Whale Lake
08:30 每 Breakfast
09:00 每 Drive towards snow mountains
12:30 每 Hiking
14:00 每 Lunch
15:00 每 Hiking
17:30 每 Arrive at Whale Lake, set up camp
19:30 每 Dinner


Day 6 Altun Mountains Nature Reserve - Huatugou
08:30 每 Breakfast
09:00 每 Drive from Altun Mountain Nature Reserve to Huatugou
12:00 每 Lunch
15:30 每 Check in at hotel
17:30 每 Rest, free time for a walkabout
19:00 每 Dinner


Day 7  Huatugou - Aksai - Dunhuang
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Load jeeps, drive to Dunhuang
11:00 每 Stop to stretch the legs
13:00 每 Lunch
14:00 每 Stop to stretch the legs
14:30 每 Drive on
20:00 每 Estimated dinner time in Dunhuang


Day 8  Mogao Grottoes - Crescent Lake
09:00 每 Breakfast at hotel
09:30 每 Drive to Dunhuang
11:00 每 Visit Mogao Grottoes
13:30 每 Check in at hotel in Dunhuang
15:00 每 Hiking around Crescent Lake
18:00 每 Dinner


Day 9   Dunhuang - Beijing
09:30 每 Breakfast at hotel
10:00 每 Check out
12:30 每 Lunch in Dunhuang
14:00 每 Arrive at the Dunhuang airport
15:30 每 Fly to Beijing
19:30 每 Arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport





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