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Western Yunnan Round Trip - 8 Days

Destination: West Yunnan
Duration: Eight Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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This round trip combines several elements of Yunnan and is a combination of touristic hotspots and laidback off the beaten track specials.


The tour includes elements of the Burma Road and the historic place of Yunnanyi which played a role in the history of the Flying Tigers and the Hump flights.


It visits the old Yunnan Muslim village of Donglianhua and the old Muslim town of Yangbi.


The tour goes off the Burma road and follows the Pi River Valley with the ancient salt village of Nuodeng where we stay overnight at a local house and sample local dishes with Nuodeng ham. The tour continues passing the old metal-chain, wooden and rattan bridges spanning the Pi River.


After crossing the mountains again the tour visits the Shibaoshan Natinal park with it ancient temples, Nanzhao sculptures and monkeys.


To relax we stay an extra day in the old tea horse village of Shaxi where one can make walks or hire a bike or even a canoe.


We continue to the Bai village of Xizhou where we stay at a Bai style guesthouse. On the way we visit a Bai tie-dye workshop and have a look at how tie-dye art is done.


We conclude the tour with a visit to the Yan Family museum (The Yan family made its money in the pack-horse trade) and return back to Kunming.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 01:Kunming - Dali
Hotel pick-up. Visit Burma Road monument. Off the motorway to follow the original Burma Road over the mountains to Lufeng. From there over the split road through the narrow valley over a former railway line for 20 kilometres. Over mountain range back to the motorway passing Chuxiong and Nanhua on that motorway. Off the motorway to follow the Burma Road to Yunnanyi. Former AVG (American Volunteer Group known as well as Flying Tigers) airbase. Visit "Transportation museum of the China-Burma-India theatre in WW-II" and 'tea horse' caravanserai. Via forest and national park to Midu valley and then over mountains to Dali (Xiaguan) and Dali old town.

Day 02: Dali
Stay in Dali old town or make a day trip to the old Muslim village of Donglianghua (Optional). Or visit the ¡°Three Pagodas¡±. Cycle around Erhai Lake. Take the cable car to mountain top. Etc.

Day 03:Dali - Yangbi -Yulong -Noudeng
Depart Dali for Yangbi the walnut capital of Yunnan. Old Muslim (and Bai minority) town along ¡®tea horse' trail. Visit old bridge and mosque in the centre of town.
Burma Road becomes a cobble stone mountain track from here on passing the Qingshuilangshan mountain range. Via Beidou and another mountain track to Yunlong/Nuodeng. Vistit the Qingyun Bridge in Yunlong.

Day 04: Noudeng - Lanping
After a look around Nuodeng and the Taiji-viewpoint we move up the Pi River Valley visiting the ancient metal-chain, wooden and rattan bridges crossing the river. Stay overnight in Lanping.

Day 05: Lanping -Shibaoshan -Shaxi
We cross two mountain ranges and visit the Shibaoshan National Park with its old Nanzhao style Shizhong temple and the Baoxiang temple inhabited by monkeys. Stay overnight in the nearby ancient village of Shaxi.

Day 06:Shaxi
Take a relaxing day off in the old tea-horse village of Shaxi or make walks in the surroundings.

Day 07:Shaxi -Zhouchencun -Xizhou
We leave Shaxi and with a stop at Zhouchencun to look at tie-dye making and do some last souvenir shopping we go to Xizhou where we stay at a typical Bai Hostel.

Day 08£»Xizhou - Kunming
In Xizhou in the morning we visit the Yan House Museum. After a simple lunch of Xizhuo Baba we leave to return to Kunming.


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