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South Xinjiang Uyghur Culture Silk Route Tour - 14 Days

Destination: Southern Xinjiang
Duration: Fourteen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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The Silk Road China travel through Urumqi, Turpan, Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, Hotan, Kashgar, and the tour itinerary covers top tourist attracions in Southern Xinjiang such as Urumqi Heavenly Lake, Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque,Abakh Khoja Tomb, Karakul Lake, Stone City in Hotan, Aksu etc..
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2100/persons 2100USD/Person

Day 1 Urumqi Arrival

Fly to Urumqi, your guide will meet you at Urumqi airport, then transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Urumqi/Heavenly Lake
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Tianshan Mountains, Heavenly Lake, Mt. Bogoda

Excursion to Tianshan Mountains, visit the beautiful mountain lake-the Heavenly Lake and Mt. Bogoda (5445m in altitude). It is snow-capped all year around. Then drive back to Urumqi in the afternoon.

Day 3 Urumqi/Turpan
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Oasis town of Turpan, Jiaohe Ruins, Emin Minaret

This morning we drive to the oasis town of Turpan, famous for its melons and vineyards. Here Marco Polo first encountered spaghetti, an idea he took home to Italy. In the late afternoon, you winder through the streets of ruined city Jiaohe, inspect the 2000 year old Karez Wells, a remarkable underground irrigation system. Visit the Sugong Minerat in the afternoon.

Day 4 Turfan/Korla
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Golden Beach

Drive to Korla, Korla is famous for pears. The most of local people are Mongols, visit the Golden beach on the way, then continue driving to Korla. Korla rich in oil.

Day 5 Korla/Kuche
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Tianshan Grand Canyon

Drive to Korla along desert road. On arrival, have our special local food,after lunch, we drive to Tianshan Grand Canyon, visit the mysterious canyon and caves in the deep moutains, the scenery is fabulous and fantastic.

Day 6 Kuche/Aksu
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Kizil Caves

Drive to Akesu via Kizil Caves, kizil caves is regarded one of the greatest four caves in China, the caves were cut on the cliffs, the murals and frescos are still fresh as beginning. The place is quiet and peaceful.

Day 7 Akesu/Hetian
Meals: B, L

This is a great day, we drive to Hotan along the second desert highway, we will enjoy the magnificent diversified poplar forests, and Hotan river, and enjoy the Taklamakan desert.

Day 8 Hetian
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Silk family, Malikawat ruins

Visit the Silk family, king of fig tree, Malikawat ruins, and local bazaar.

Day 9 Hetian/Kashgar
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Yarkand, Yinjisar county

Drive to Kashgar, visit Yarkand, and passby Yinjisar county¡ªthe county is famous for man-made knives.

Day 10 Kashgar
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Sunday Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque, Tomb of Abakh Khoja

No visitors to Kashgar should miss the Sunday bazaar. In the teeming market, you can buy anything from herbal medicines to carpets, from a cradle to a camel. In the afternoon, visit the town center the vast Id Kah Mosque excursion to the Old Town, a warren of twisting alleys and white-washed walls, and the Tomb of Abakh Khoja (also called Fragrant Concubine tomb). Then take evening flight back to Urumqi.

Day 11 Kashgar/Karakul Lake/Taxkorgan
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Karakul Lake, Muztagh Ata And, Konger Mountain

Drive 200km to Karakul Lake along China-Pakistan highway,enjoy the majestice Pamir plateau, encounter the local nomads called "Kirgiz". Admire the snow-capped mountain called "Muztagh Ata" And "Konger Mountain", walking around the Karakul lake (3800M), then continue driving to Taxkorgan.

Day 12 Taxkorgan/Kasghar
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Stone City

Visit the Stone City before sunrise, and golden valley, then drive back to Kashgar via Aoyitak glacier park.

Day 13 Kashgar/Urumqi
Meals: B, L
Sites Visited: Xinjiang Museum, Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar

Take a morning flight to Urumqi, visit the Xinjiang Museum, the Red Hill¡ªit is the symble of the city of Urumqi, and then visit the Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar.

Day 14 Urumqi Departure
Meals: B

Transfer to the airport, then take your flight back home.

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