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Kunming to Xishuangbanna Cycling Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Kunming to Xishuangbanna
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Cycling
Best Travel Time:All year
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Jinghong:  meaning ¡°the city of dawn¡± in the language of local Dai ethnic group, Jinghong city is situated in the South of Yunnan Province and in the center of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. With moderate climate all the year round, Jinghong enjoys the perfect climate for various tropical fruits. Here, the various ethnic groups, the tropical scenery, the abundant fruits will make your mouth watered and the pleasant climate will for sure give you an unforgettable memory.
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Day 1:Kunming Arrial
Your guide will meet you at the airport and take you into town for a brief tour of the city and dinner. overnight stay in Kunming.

Day 2: Kunming - Haikou 40 kms (B+L+D)

After breakfast; tuning of the bikes according to each participant's morphology and briefing about the tour. After lunch at 2 PM we will start the tour and will arrive at our first destination 3 to 4 hours later. Haikou  by the Dianchi lake is a typical small Chinese town known to be the place where the first Chinese gun was made , we will visit the local market where you will have your Dinner. Overnight stay in Haikou.

Day 3:Haikou - Yuxi (B+L+D)(due to the poor condition of the road we will use the bus to get to Yuxi.)

Yuxi is the first major city on the road kunming Jinghong 88 kms Southwest of Kunming. The countryside of low, rolling hills is prime tobacco-growing land, cigarette production is the first industry of the county, we will bike our way toward the Southeast of the city where stands a 25 meter tall, seven story Pagoda called the red pagoda (Hongta). built during the Yuan dinasty, this pagoda was originaly made of blue lime stone, it was in recent decades repainted in red and has become the emblem of a Yunnan famous brand of cigarettes : HONGTASHAN ; after this visit we will proceed toward the black dragon pond 8kms away from the city known as the weather forecasting pond, for its color and surface vary due to an imminent change of weather. A watchman is employed there and villagers and farmers can call him up to know the weather forecast Overnight stay in Yuxi.

Day 4: Yuxi - Eshan 40kms (B+L+D)

Heading to the South, the road climbs into the hills wooded with almost no sign of habitation, and crosses into Eshan Yi autonomus County sided by the Ni river. one of the most colorfull branch of the Yi ethnic minority live in the mountain and occasionally visit the city. All the women wear their traditional costumes and headgear all heavily embroidered. In town people and restaurant of the Hui ethnic minority can be found . Overnight stay in Eshan.

Day 5: Eshan-Yuanjiang 35kms (B+L+D).

After breakfast, bus to Qing long Shan where we will have our lunch. After lunch we will proceed to Yuanjiang 35kms with a 20 kms very nice downhill portion through tea plantations and rice fields visit of the tropical fruit market in town. Overnight in Yuanjiang.

Day 6: Yuanjiang - Ning'er(anciently named Pu'er) by bus (B+L+D)

Cycling from town to the western hills to get a good view point, visit of caves then back to town and cycle to to the Eastern part to visit the Dong ta pagoda; around 6PM we will visit a tea factory where you can try and buy the famous Pu'er tea. Overnight in Ning'er.

Day 7: Ning'er - Simao 60 kms (B+L+D)

Gentle ups and downs a winding road through pine forests, rice terraces, and banana plantations.

Simao (officially known as Pu'er City since April 2007), population 130,000 is the capital of Simao Prefecture, situated on an elevated plain surrounded by forested hills at around 1300m in altitude.
Simao has segregated bike lanes (on some streets), fresh air (compared to much of the rest of China), palm-lined streets (kept constantly clean by a small army of street sweepers), and a fair bit of city-centre greenery . Overnight in Simao

Day 8: Simao to Dadugang Cycling 70 km (B+L+D) from
Today's road is mostly flat with a few gentle ups and downs in between. At 36km, the border of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, along the way, the virgin forest, and fish ponds, the remote small villages will catch your eyes. And you can see the obvious change from the ordinary trees to tropical oil palm trees after entering Xishuangbanna.

Day 9: Dadugang - Jinghong 85km (B+L+D)

After riding 6km, we will come to a junction. we will go left to view the so called ¡°Ten thousand acres of Tea Garden¡±, where the terraced tea plantation is really eye catchy. Then continue our ride on the main road. At about 36km, we will pass by a junction, the right road leads us to the Wild Elephant Valley. At 54km, you will come to a town called Mengyang we will keep on cycling and find the road becomes narrow and very winding. It is said that the 30 km road has 306 bends. The first 10km is uphill and the latter 20 is mostly down or flat. The road is very narrow with little traffic but occasional fast motorcycles. The most impressive view today is the rubber trees forest. When we will get on the very top, we can get a bird's-eye view of the remote continuous mountains with white clouds floating among them.


Day 10: Jinghong Departure

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