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Zhangjiajie Fenghuang Furong Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Hunan
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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From Zhangjijaie National Forest Park to Tianmen Mountain; AVATAR Mountain to Furong Town... Just come with us, to walk between nature and culture, to memorize all the natural and cultural treasures of Zhangjiajie.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$900/persons 900USD/Person

Day 1  Zhnagjiajei -  Wulingyuan
You will get a warm welcome from your guide and be transferred to the hotel.
Accommodation: Wulingyuan

Day 2  Yellow Stone Village - Golden Whip Stream
Yellow Stone Village: After breakfast in the hotel ,visit Yellow Stone Village, It lies to the west of Zhangjiajie Forest Park with an altitude of 1200m and covers an area of 250mu. You can enjoy the Six Stranges Pagoda, Picking Star Platform, Five Finger Peak, Lover peaks and so on when you are on the top of mountain.
Golden Whip Stream: Located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it covers a distance of 7.5 km from north to south, winding across mountains and valleys. The brook is limpid through the year, with many scenic spots along the way. It is famous for Jinbian Cave-which has a height of 382km and looks like a huge flying eagle. Wear good walking shoes and protection from the weather.
Option: The charming of Western Hunan Show.
Accommodation :Wulingyuan

Day 3  Yuanjiajie - Tianzi Mountain
Yuanjiajie: This mountain is also called AVATAR Mountain for the movie AVATAR is shot here. Enjoy Hallelujah Mountain, NO.1 Bridge in the world and so on.
Tianzi Mountain:  It is known for 4 natural spectacles - the clouds of mist that circle the peaks of the mountain,the amazing views of the rising sun,the moonlit nights and snowcapped winter peaks.They include more than 80 natural platforms to take in the magnificent scenery.
Accommodation: Wulingyuan

Day 4  Tujia Folk Garden - Dehang Miao Village - Fenghuang
Tujia Folk Garden: With woodcarving on the windows, Flying Eaves and colorful wall, Tujia Folk Garden is a masterpiece of nature and manmade. In the park,the famous buildings are Tusi Town, Baoshou or Wave Hand Hall and Tujia Village. Chongtian Tower, which is 48 meters high, has 12 stories with special design. The park shows Tujia customs, special stone, root carving, precious relics and old Tujia folk performance, such as Maogusi Dance and Copper Bells Dance.

Dehang Miao Village: It takes 3 hours from Zhangjiajie to Hangwu Miao Village, located in the west suburbs from Jishou city, Dehang means a "beautiful valley" in Miao language,In the scenic spot, streams are crossing to each other; deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, grand mountain ranges, ancient trees and special flowers, precious birds and animals are will have a better understanding to the Miao nationally after visiting this village.what's more, you will pass the Aizhai Bridge on the way to the Miao village, Aizhai Bridge is praised to be one of the greatest engineering wonders,with length of 1073.65m,the bridge just likes a flying dragon in the sky.

Day 5 Fenghuang
Fenghuang Ancient City: You will be in the ancient city for a whole day, enjoy a leisure visiting to the famous ¡°9 scenic places of Fenghuang Ancient Town¡± such as Former Residence of Shen Congwen, Yang Ancestral Memorial, Ancient East Gate, Tuojiang River, Hongqiao Bridge, etc. After the tour, have a leisure night in this quiet fairy land...
Accommodation : Fenghuang Ancient City

Day 6  Fenghuang -  Furong - Zhangjiajie
After breakfast, visit Furong town, this town ,named because of a famous movie, is located between Zhangjiajie and Phoenix ancient city, 2.5hour bus riding from Phoenix ancient city to this town, the most beautiful spot is the spectacular waterfall in the town.
Lijunshen Sandstone painting Museum: Li Junsheng's sandstone paintings break through the using of traditional painting materials and use nature materials by making use of the hue of natural plant creatively, are of great art and collection values. He said, "An exquisite work of art is free from the shackles of materials and techniques, but depends on the artist's inspiration.
Seeing you off in Zhangjiajie airport, looking forward to seeing you next time.

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