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Dongchuan Red Soil Land Yuanmou Earth Forest Tour - 4Days

Destination: Dongchuan Yuanmou
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Sept - Oct
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Dongchuan Red Soil Land is located in warm and humid climate, the iron oxide in the soil deposited slowly through years work, Gradually formed the dazzling color of different shades of red. The brilliant soil, the golden yellow buckwheat and the dramatically blue skies make the region around Dongchuan a paradise for photographers.From September to December every year, part of land are ploughed while the other part of the land has been planted of barley wheat and other crops, the Red Soil Dongchuang in this seasons look much like a painted skies with gorgeous colors of red gold green set off with the white clouds .formed the spectacular scenery of Red Soil Dongchuang.

Yuanmou Earth Forests are a water and winter weathered terrains, which are widely spread out over the Yuanmou valley. it is an hiden beauty in the world, yet not spoiled by mordern tourism, her beauty is totally speechless, you can only see her by your heart, instead of your eyes.Its variety and scale can not be found else where in the world, the causes of its formation and the features of its soil posts fall into four types: sold bud, ancient castle, bamboo shoot and iron cap. The earth forests cover an total area of 50 square kilometers and is mainly distributed in Xinhua, the Tiger Leaping Shoal, Bango and Yindi. Yuanmou County is well-known for its Earth Forests, its earth forests are in colors of yellow and the colors change with the changing of lights in a day,  the Earth Forests were first discovered by a Chinese traveler, Su Xia Ke in Ming times.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$600/persons 600USD/Person

Day 1: Kunming - Dongchuan L/D

Pick you up at your early in Kunming, drive to Dongchuan(4 hours). Dongchuan has a glorious past as the Tin Capital in Heavenly South Yunnan, the town itself has nothing to visit, pass through Dongchuan district and drive another one hour directly up to Hua Gou (Flower Valley) village, where the red land or red sol land located, on the way, stop over at Moon Valley, it is a truly beautiful spot, the terraced fields with different red colours, the rolling cloudbanks around the snow capped top of Jiaozi Snow Mountain, photo genetic, beautiful, wonderful are really not big words to describe this breathtaking views. After lunch in hotel, visit Yue Pu Ao red land, Fazhe Red Soil Land, Jin Xiou Yuan and its surroundings, the Luo Xia Gu (Sunset Valley) is the last destination today, before dinner, take a walk to the red fields nearby for your own pleasure. stay over night in Hua Gou Village.

Day 2: Dongchuan ¨C YuanMou B/L/D

Drive to Da Ma Kan for sun rises at 06:00, Da Ma Kan actually is a nameless small spot, some early morning birds found it, in the morning, the first beam of sunlight appearing slowly on the east looks really like a torchlight, after a while, the skies and clouds are trimmed with gold and silver linings, the reflection of red soil is so bright. Any words are failed to describe this wonderful nature views, drive to Yuan Mou Earth Mound Forest, there are also lots of red soil lands on the way to Yuan Mou county, the views and landscapes keep changing all the time, stay overnight in Yuan Mou

Day 3: YuanMou B/L/D
After breakfast, go to visit the Earth Forest, the Earth Forest comprises of Xin Hua Earth Forest, Bango Earth Forest, Wanbao Earth Forest, Tiger Beach, Lanbupu Tulin, and the old city. the bizarre shaped earth mounds resemble castles, humans, animals, the highest mounds are over 40 meters, yuan Mou is regarded as one of birthplace of human beings, and homeland of dinosaurs, so many remains of dinosaurs were discovered here, along with other prehistoric animals, it looks like a bleak alien planet on the earth.Stay overnight in Yuan Mou.

Day 4:YuanMou ¨C Kunming (210 km) B/L/D
After breakfast, drive back to Kunming, see you off at your door way. End of tour.

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