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Yunnan Ethnics & Old Towns Exploration Tour - 21 Days

Destination: Yunnan
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Yunnan located in the southwest of China, situated on the 7th biggest province in this ancient kingdom. It extended about 390,000 square km of the territory covered with enormous natural resources and human race. It borders on Sichuan, Guizhou province to the northeast, Tibet Tibetan Autonomous Region to the northwest within China, and share the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam out of China. 94% of the total area covered with high mountains and deep valleys, Yunnan has the god given environment for the beautiful nature.54 nationalities live together in China, half of them inhabited in the deep of the snow mountains and rain forest of Yunnan, for the thousands years of being isolated from the outside world, these minorities has still kept the most mysterious way of life, the most colorful costumes and the most primitive festival. Kingdom of plants, living fossil of human society development, most authentic part of China. With all these titles, Yunnan has become a must and hot place for one to come to visit China.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$3500/persons 3500USD/Person

Day 1: Kunming Arrival -(215km, 4 hours)- Heijing Town
Flight: Bangkok 08:10 - Kunming 11:40
Arrive Kunming, Drive to Heijing Town, Lufeng County, Chuxiong
Hotel:Family Wu's Courtyard Hotel (Heijing Town)


Day 2: Heijing Town Exploration -(70km, 2 hours)- Chuxiong City
Sightseeing: Temple of Confucius, Dragon Ancestral Temple,Black Ox
Salt Well, Feilai Temple.Drive to Chuxiong City.
Hotel:Chuxiong Golden Sun Hotel(Chuxiong)


Day 3: Chuxiong - (156km, 3 hours)-YunnanYi Village -( 90 km, 1.5hours)-Dali
Sightseeing: YunnanYi Village, Yunnan horse Caravan Culture
Museum,Chong Sheng Temple and the Three Pagodas.
Hotel:Dali Landscape Hotel(Dali)


Day 4£ºDali - (45 km, 1 hour) -XiZhou Villiage & Zhoucheng Village - (20km, 0.5 hour)-Shuanglang Village -(50km,1 hour)-Dali
Sightseeing: Family Yang Courtyard,Family Yan Courtyard, Tie Dye Cloth
Hotel:Dali Landscape Hotel(Dali)


Day 5: Dali - (40km, 1 hour) - Shaping - (90km,2hours) -Shibaoshan -(20km,0.5hour)-Shaxi Town
Sightseeing: Shaping Ethnic Bai Monday Market, Shizong Temple,
Shibaoshan Grotto, Baoxiang Temple.
Hotel: Tea & Horse Caravan Trail Inn (Shaxi)


Day 6: Shaxi Town Exploration - (90km,2hours)-Shigu - (55km,1.5hours)-Lijiang Old Town
Sightseeing: Shaxi Old Town, First Bend of Yangtze River,Yangtze River
Hotel:Lijiang Qianxuelou Hotel (Lijiang Old Town)


Day 7: Lijiang Old Town -(30km,1 hour)-Jade Dragon Snow Mountain -Lijiang Old Town
Sightseeing: Jade Peak,Glacier Park,Ganhaizi,Impression Lijiang Show.
Hotel:Lijiang Qianxuelou Hotel (Lijiang Old Town)


Day 8: Lijiang Old Town -(20km,40 Mins)-Wenfeng Temple-(20km,40 Mins) Dongba Valley, Jade Water Village,Yufeng Temple,Baisha Town - (10km,20 Mins) Shuhe Old Town - (10km,30 Mins)Lijiang Old Town
Sightseeing:Dongba Valley, Jade Water Village,Yufeng Temple,Baisha
Town, Wenfeng Temple,Shuhe Old Town.
Hotel:Lijiang Qianxuelou Hotel (Lijiang Old Town)


Day 9: Lijiang - (250km,6hours) - Lugu Lake
Sightseeing: Jinsha River Valley,Lugu Lake View Platform.
Hotel: Nisai Manor ( Nisai Village beside Lugu Lake)


Day 10: Lugu Lake Exploration
Sightseeing:Liubi Dao, Heiwae Dao, Lion Mountain,Mosuo Matriarchy
Family Visit,Marriage Bridge.
Hotel: Nisai Manor ( Nisai Village beside Lugu Lake)


Day 11: Lugu Lake -(250km,6hours) - Lijiang
Sightseeing: Zhamei Temple,Yongning Former Local Governor's Residence.
Hotel:Lijiang Qianxuelou Hotel (Lijiang Old Town)


Day 12: Lijiang - (100km,3hours)-Tiger Leaping Gorge -(100km,3hours)-Baishuitai White Terraces -(100km,3hours) Shangrila
Sightseeing: Tiger Leaping Gorge,Baishuitai White Terraces
Hotel:Shangri-la Tibetan Family Inn (Near Dukezong Ancient Town)


Day 13: Shangrila - Gadan Songzanlin Lamasery -(25km,1hour)-Pudacuo National Park
Sightseeing: Shudu Lake,Bita Lake,Dabaosi,Gadan Songzanlin Lamasery.
Hotel:Shangri-la Tibetan Family Inn (Near Dukezong Ancient Town)


Day 14: Shangrila -(10km,30mins)-Napa Lake-(20km,1hour)-Tianshengqiao Themo Park-Shangrila -Fly- Jinghong/Xishuangbanna
Sightseeing: ,Napa Lake,Tianshengqiao Geothermal Park,Hot Spring Spa
Flight: Shangrila 20:20 - Jinghong 21:20
Take flight to Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna,check in Hotel.
Hotel:Xishaungbanna Fengwei Bamboo Hotel(Jinghong)


Day 15:Jinghong -(30km,1hour)- Ganlanba- (82km,2hours)-Sanchahe Nature Reserve -(35km,40mins)-Jinghong
Sightseeing: Ganlanba,Dai Ethnic Villages, Sanchahe Nature Reserve.
Hotel:Xishaungbanna Fengwei Bamboo Hotel(Jinghong)


Day 16: Jinghong - (20km,1hour) -Big waterfalls of Mandian river -(60km,1.5hours) - Manfeilong White Pagoda - (60km,1.5hours) -Jinghong
Sightseeing:Big waterfalls of Mandian river,Dai Ethnic
Villages,Manfeilong White Pagoda.
Hotel:Xishaungbanna Fengwei Bamboo Hotel(Jinghong)


Day 17:Jinghong (500km,10hours) - Xinjie(Yuanyang)-Laohuzhui
Sightseeing: Pu'er Cit, Mojiang City,Laohuzhui Sunset.
Hotel:Yuanyang Yunti Hotel(Xinjie,Yuanyang)


Day 18:Yuanyaung Rice Terrace Exploration -Xinjie(Yuanyang)
Sightseeing with Trekking:Qinghuo -Panda -Malizhai -Shencun
Hotel:Yuanyang Yunti Hotel(Xinjie,Yuanyang)


Day 19:Yuanyang - (83km,2hours)-Jianshui
Sightseeing:Jianshui Old Town,Family Zhu's Garden,Temple of Confucius.
Hotel: Family Zhu's Garden Hotel


Day 20:Jianshui -(220km,4hours)- Stone Forest -Stone Forest -(90km,1.5hours)-Kunming
Hotel:Kunming Hotel(Kunming)


Day 21:Kunming Airport Departure
Sightseeing: West Hill & Lake Dian
Drive to Kunming Airport for departure.

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