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Chengde Mulanweichang Xanandu Asihatu Inner Mongolia Tour - 8 Days

Destination: Mongolia
Duration: Eight Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:May -Oct
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Bordering to the north with the Republic of Mongolia and Russia, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the widest province by its latitude in China. It is over 1.1 million square kilometers or 424,736 square miles and is the third largest Chinese province next to Xinjiang and Tibet.Xanadu in central Inner Mongolia was the capital of Mongolian Golden Family before they Kublai Khan moved to Beijing. The landscape nearby is very beautiful, including Mulanweichang, Dali Lake, Asihatu national geographic park.On our way back Beijing, we visit Jinshanling Great Wall as well.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 1  Beijing to Chengde
Drive about 3-4 hours to Chengde from Beijing.After lunch, visit the Summer Resort in Chengde. Chengde Summer Resort is one of the four best known gardens in China. It is also the core of the UNESCO heritage in that area.Then,followed with Lesser Potala, one of the eight temples in Chengde.Today, we will drive about 230 kms, about 3-4hours.Overnight Puning Shangketang Hotel

Day 2  Chengde to Mulanweichang
This morning, we will get up and come to admire the morning lesson in Puning Temple, one of the eight temples in Chengde.After breakfast and visit Puning Temple, we drive about 3 hours to Saihanba National Park, then head to Hongshan Junmachang.We are going to the border of Hebei province and Inner Mongolia, where we can take a short rafting on flat water and appreciate the beautiful landscape.Overnight Dingxin Hotel

Day 3 Mulanweichang
In the morning, we will ride horses (about 3-4 hours) to Jiangjunpaozi, the best of the best grassland, with high grass, flowers and small lakes; then to Lamashan, where we can enjoy the grassland landscape on the top of it. We also will take a rafting in Jiehe (Boundary River) and practice archery. In the afternoon, if you prefer, we hire a 4wd vehicle (which is BJ2020, there is no Landcruiser or Cherokee available) to drive about 1-2 hour to Wucaishan, Jiapigou, Daxiagu. At dusk, we find a nice location to enjoy the sunset on the top of the hills.Overnight Dingxin Hotel

Day 4 Mulanweichang to Xanandu
This morning, we check out the hotel and drive to Xanadu via Duolun County. About 2-3 hours drive, we get to the Dahanguju Yurt hotel on the grassland near Zhenglanqi. After lunch, we head out for Xanadu. We will walk around Xanadu for a while before dirve to the Wuheerqing Aobao Hill for a short hiking. Aobao hill is the place where the Mongolians hold sacrifice ceremonies. Since most of Mogolians believe in Tibetan Buddhism, we may see the colorful praying flags on top of Aobao Hill. From Aobao Hill, we can take a bird's eys view of the green grassland, the hills around.Overnight Dahan Guju Yurt Hotel

Day 5  Xanandu to Dali Lake
After breakfast in the yurt hotel, we will drive about 220kms, about 3-4 hours from Xanadu to Dali Lake. Different from the former days, out of Xanadu, we will drive along the edge of Hunshandake Desert. The land on both sides of the road is getting barren and quite sandy though the plantation project is trying to stop the sands coming.
After check into the hotel and get refreshed, we can go out for fishing or walk along the lake front and there are motorboat available as well if you want take a ride on the lake. If weather permits, we can enjoy the the breathtaking beautiful sunset over Dali Lake.Overnight Dalinuoer Binguan

Day 6  Dali Lake to Asihatu
After the breakfast in the hotel, we drive to further north to see huge wind power fans on the grassland covered with different colored flowers. If you have interest, we take another horse ride on the grassland nearby. Or can get to the north bank of Dali Lake to take a motorboat ride.In the afternoon, we drive to National Nature Reserve, where we can get on the top of the mountains and admire the breathtaking landscape.Overnight Yurt.

Day 7  Asihatu to Chengde
After breakfast, we will drive about 2-3 hours to Asihatu National Nature Reserve to see the stunning stone forest. Different from the Karst Stone Forest from Yunnan, the stone here is granite and the the color is more bright as well. We will hike up to the stone forest and walk around for a while to explore around. After the stone forest, we drive about 4-5 hours back to Chengde via Chifeng. Overnight Puning Shangketang Hotel

Day 8 Chengde to Beijing via Jinshanling Great Wall
After breakfast in the hotel, we will drive to Jinshanling Great Wall, which is one of the most beautiful section of the Great Wall near Beijing.We can do a gentle hiking on the gorgeous Great Wall and drive about 2 hours back the city of Beijing.Tour ends.


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