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Hulunbuir Hailaer Erguna Hometown of Genghis Khan Tour - 3 Days

Destination: Hulunbuir Hailaer Erguna
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:June to September
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Hulunbuir Grasslands
Located outside the remote Russian border town of Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, the Hulunbuir Grasslands are the most lush and pristine in China. The grasslands here are known locally as the "most unsullied prairie" for the area¡¯s pollution-free skies. In summer, the uninterrupted green stretches in all directions. In addition, Hulunbuir is fed by hundreds of rivers, large and small, that have made this area popular with Mongolian nomads and herders.Visitors can try horseback riding in the Hulunbuir Grasslands and sample a local dish of boiled or barbecued lamb. At night, you can spend a night in the yurts that will give you a picture of the lives that the nomads and the marauding Mongols of the past lived.

Enhe - A Russian Township near Shiwei
Shiwei was listed as one of top ten most beautiful townships in China in 2007. Although the town is still beautiful, this distinction has led to an influx of tourists! Enhe near Shiwei. Located by the Erguna River, which acts as the border between China and Russia, the Enhe township features Russian descendants, Russian-style wooden houses and filled windows, and a golden-silver birch forest.

Erguna River, Genhe Wetland and Erguna City The water of the Hailaer River flows from east to west before turning northeast about 20 km north of Hulun (or Dalai) Lake. At this point, the Hailaer River becomes the Ergun (Chinese name) or Argun (Russian name) River and forms the Chinese border with Russia's Zabaykalsky Krai region (formerly, Chita Oblast).Ergun City occupies 28,400 km2 on the southeastern bank of the Ergun River. It was the hometown of Genghis Khan (1162-1227), who conquered most of Asia and Eastern Europe to the Dnieper River.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$450/persons 450USD/Person

Day 1:Hailaer - Hulunbuir Grassland
Arrive in Hailar, the largest city in the Hulunbuir (or Hulun Beier) Prefecture with rolling grasslands stretching for miles and miles.From the airport, we' ll drive to one area of the Hulun Buir Grassland, where you' ll be able to check into your yurts. The mushroom-like yurts, bright sky, fresh air, rolling grass, and flocks and herds roaming like white clouds over the remote grassland will give you a quiet and relaxing experience you'll never forget! After lunch, you' ll have time to take a walk by the grassland's river. Visit a local herdsmen's home to learn more about life and culture in the Hulunbuir Grassland.Free time. You can ride horses over the majestic grasslands, or simply relax under the gorgeous blue sky.At night, sit in front of your yurt to face the tranquil river and grassland, and engage in an activity impossible in the city: counting stars!  When you' re ready to turn in for the night, you' ll sleep in the yurts as the members of this area have done for centuries.

Day 2: Hulunbuir Grassland - Hailar - Ergun (Erguna) - Russian Town
The day begins with free time to enjoy the beautiful grassland in the morning.Drive about 1 hour through the grassland to Erguna, hometown of Genghis Khan, the infamous Mongol ruler who conquered most of Asia and Eastern Europe.After lunch, drive to the Erguna wetland for a walk on the plank road.Take a side trip to a Russian village, a beautiful and peaceful place with scenery similar to Shiwei. The silver birch forest, up-and-down paddy fields along the slope, and Russian-style wooden houses and window decorations make for a truly unique experience. Stay overnight at a Russian-style guesthouse.

Day 3: Russian Town - Ergun Wetland - Hailaer
Begin your final day by exploring the Russian Ethnic Township at the border and making a home visit to a Russian-Chinese family. You might encounter some elders who are descendants of Russians and get to hear their fascinating stories.Return to Hailar and visit the National Forest Park.Drive back to Hailar in the evening and catch fly for deaprture.

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