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Mount Genyen Trekking West Sichuan Tour - 8 Days

Destination: Mount Genyen
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:June - Oct
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Mt. Genyen is an isolated mountain massif surrounded by the vast grassland of Litang 每 the heart of Kham, one of the three ※Tibetan Cultural Provinces§. With 6204m (main peak) it is the third highest mountain range in Sichuan. Mt. Genyen plays an important role in Tibetan Buddhism. The monks of the Rangu Monastery at its bottom are severe protectors of its divinity. However, there have been several ascents of this summit 每 some of them clandestinely. Accessibility from Chengdu is not easy; one reason why this beautiful spot has not seen many tourists. Therefore it guarantees unspoiled villages and an untouched mountain world. Marvelous patches of forests in hidden valleys, waterfalls and holy lakes are waiting for you.  This trip gives you the chance to experience the beauty of the high mountains in Eastern Tibet on a four days trekking tour. It is an easy to medium hike following a river to the foot of Mt. Genyen and to one of the holy lakes in the massif. The travel from Chengdu takes two days and passes the treasures of Western Sichuan: Minya Konka, Tagong Grassland, Yalong Jiang River, Litang Monastery and much more.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 1:Chengdu 每 Yajiang  
7 am: Departure from Chengdu; via Ya'an and through the Erlang Mountain Tunnel we enter the Tibetan Prefecture Garze (Ganzi Zhou), are passing the big cities Luding and Kangding and after 8-9h driving we reach the first high pass 每 Zheduo Pass (4298m). Overwhelmed by the view on wide grassland we stand in front of the Tibetan High Plateau. Another four hours driving take us to Yajiang (2800m), a big county town at the riverside of the Yalong Jiang. Here we stay for overnight. (Driving duration: 12-13h)  

Day 2:Yajiang 每 Litang
The road from Yajiang to Litang goes straight uphill onto the Jianziwan Pass (4659m). About noon we arrive in Litang. The county town of Litang lies at an altitude of 4014m and therefore belongs to one of the highest towns in the world. After lunch we visit the big Lamasery Litang Gompa (= Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery). This Gelug monastery was founded by the third Dalai Lama Sonam Gyatso in the 16th century.  We will stay here for one night and for acclimatization. (driving duration: 4-5h)

Day 3:Litang 每 Zhamla 每 Hupi Plain
Early in the morning our travel continues on a very bumpy gravel road. We drive over a high pass from where we can get a first and fascinating glimpse of the Genyen Massif, if the sight is clear. It will take about four hours for this 80km section before we arrive in the township Zhamla. Here we meet our horse crew, get our luggage packed and start with our march. We hike along the Redi Creek for about two hours before we reach Naiganduo Village. Another two hours from there takes the hike upstream to the Hupi Plain 每 a wide pasture settled in the bend of the river. Here we will put up our camp 每 with Mt. Genyen majestically resting in the background.   

Day 4:Hupi Plain 每 Rangu Gompa 每 Ice Lake
We follow the river that leads straight into the Genyen massif. Not far behind Hupi Plain the mountain walls come closer and form a deep valley. Behind the canyon we already spot the remote Rangu Gompa on the next widening directly beneath Mt. Genyen. Here we rest for lunch. Our trek continues up the valley and along big granite formations. We camp at a marvelous lake at the foot of an impressive 5965m peak.  


Day 5:Ice Lake 每 Rangu Gompa 
We have the whole morning to stay at the lake. Enjoying, admiring or just lying in the grass and dreaming. But, if required there is time for a small excursion further up into the valley. After lunch we finally have to begin our way back to the monastery. In its vicinity and with Mt. Genyen above us we put up our camp. (Walking duration: 3h)   

Day 6:Rangu Gompa 每 Lamaya 每 Litang  
From the monastery we follow the route we came in 每 just with Genyen and all the other peaks in our back now. We leave Zhamla behind and hike a little bit further on to the next Village: Lamaya. Against late afternoon we get there and to our car and continue our travel back to Litang on wheels. Here we stay in a hotel in town.  (Walking duration 6-8h, driving duration 4h)  

Day 7:Litang 每 Yajiang 每 Xinduqiao 
The same way back 每 we head towards east again! Before we reach Xinduqiao we have the great opportunity to watch the whole Minya Konka Mountain Range in the evening light from a high pass. (driving duration: 8h)     

Day 8:Xinduqiao 每 Kangding 每 Chengdu 
On the way back to Chengdu we have enough time to stop at Luding Bridge, the natural forest on the east side of Erlang Mountain, or the old town of Shangli near Ya'an. (Driving duration 10-11h)

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