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Badain Jaran Desert Trekking from East to West Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Badain Jaran Desert
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:May - Oct
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Badain Jaran Desert is the 4th largest desert in the world and the 3rd largest desert in China, with an area of 47,000 square kilometers, and 35,000 square kilometers laid in Alxa Youqi. Badain Jaran Desert is famous for its "peculiar peaks, sound sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples". The height of Badain Jaran Desert is between 1100m and 1600m, and the relative altitude of the sand hills range from 200m to 500m. The sand hills account for 61% of the entire desert area. At the hinterland of the desert, big sand dunes placed at regular intervals by the wind power, the dunes look like huge ocean waves imposing the tourists strongly.Direct contract with the peculiar peaks, echoing sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples of Badain Jaran Desert. Experience the spirit and mystery of Badain Jaran Desert first hand. Sense the breathtaking impact of the most beautiful desert. Bilutu peak, the Everest of desert, exposes the majestic appearance of the desert, in response to this, graceful Haizi Lake likes a virgin, whispering her tenderness in the ear. Miraculous Tingjing (listening the scripture) spring is a wonderful combination of the humanㄖs heart and the nature. With the vicissitudes of 200 years history, archaic Badain Jaran Temple reveals the mystery of the religion and the unvarnished simplicity of Mongolian. The Lame of the Temple seems to be the messenger of the Buddha, who is the protector of Badain Jaran*s people. Ascend the Bilutu Peak, there is a superb panorama of the seven pearlescent lakes. Nuo*ertu lake, the first of all lakes, integrated majesty, magnificence and elegance into one, dominates the desert skyline. Urban dwellers can feel the harmony between man and nature here, where is the destination of the soul.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1500/persons 1500USD/Person

Day 01: Lanzhou - Wuwei - Jinchang - Alxa Youqi (Badain Jaran Town)
Take express bus or train from Lanzhou to Jinchang in the morning, after lunch break; proceed to Alxa Youqi preparing food stuff before check in the hotel in the afternoon.
Overnight: Hotel, Alxa Youqi

Day 02: Alxa Youqi- Xiaoshazaohaizi
Drive to the desert entrance by jeep. Trekking tour starts, your trekking trip will be followed by vehicle, then arrive at XiaoShazaohaizi after 25kms' trekking.
Overnight: Camping

Day 03: Xiaoshazaohaizi-Xianggangjilin 每Zhongnuo'ertu
Trekking gets started after breakfast, arrive at Zhongnuo'ertu after 25kms' trekking.

Overnight: Camping or live in homestay

Day 04: Zhongnuo'ertu-Erkenjilin
Trekking gets started after breakfast, then arrive at Ekenjilin after 16kms' trekking
Overnight: Camping

Day 05: Ekenjilin-Bayinnuo'er -Saihanailitu
Trekking gets started after breakfast, arrive at Saihanailitu in the afternoon.
Overnight: Camping

Day 06: Saihanaili - Baorizhuntu- Zhunjigele -Alatetu
Trekking gets started after breakfast, followed by vehicle, and then arrive at Alatetu
Overnight: Camping or live in homestay

Day 07: Alatetu - Hudugejilin - Badain Jaran Temple
Trekking gets started after breakfast; arrive at Badain Jaran Temple in the afternoon.
Overnight: Camping or live in homestay

Day 08: Badain Jaran Temple - Yinderitu 每 Bilutu peak-Nuo'ertu
Trekking gets started after breakfast; arrive at Nuo'ertu in the afternoon.
Overnight: Camping or live in homestay

Day 09: Nuo'ertu -Baoritaolegai -Alxa Youqi
Trekking gets started after breakfast, arrive at Baoritaolegai. Afterwards you'll be driven back to Alxa Youqi by SUV.

Overnight: Hotel, Alxa Youqi

Day 10: Alxa Youqi - Jinchang 每 Wuwei-Lanzhou
You will be driven back to Jinchang in the morning and transferred to Lanzhou by express bus or train after lunch. Tour ends

Tents, Sleeping bag , damp-roof mat, 60L backpack, windbreaker, quick drying clothes, quick-drying pants , T-shirts, cotton pants, sweater underwear, hiking shoes or boots, slippers or sandals , gaiters, coolmax socks 3 pairs, magic scarves, gloves, hats, sunglasses, goggles, cameras, 2-4 camera batteries, memory card, knife, toilet paper, alpenstock, towel, soap, toothbrush, shaver, water bottle, life-saving whistle, notebooks, pens, headlamp, flashlight, mobile phone (2 batteries), watches, cash, bank cards, food bags, chopsticks, spoon, cup, mp3, digital partner, chargers (for phone and camera), cellophane tape, rubber rope, and lipstick.

1. The most favorable season for trekking through Badain Jaran Desert is from May to October, excluding July and August.
2. The temperature in desert fluctuates dramatically from day to night. Long sleeved shirt is highly recommended.
3. The altitude of Badain Jaran desert is between 1100m and 1600m. UV radiation intensifies at this altitude, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses (with strap) would be very necessary. And hat: preferably that cover the ears.
4. The desert has a dry climate all the year round; To drink water often during the trip.
5. Medicines for cold, diarrhea, car sickness and skin sensibility etc. should be prepared beforehand in case of emergency.
6. Good walking shoes are essential for trekking in desert. Hiking shoes and desert boots would be preferable.
7. Small backpack to carry your camera and water, plastic bag to keep your camera or photographic equipment from sand and dust.
8. Insect repellent.

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