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Badain Jaran Desert Off-Road Vehicle Driving Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Badain Jaran Desert
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:May - Oct
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Badain Jaran Desert is the 4th largest desert in the world and the 3rd largest desert in China, with an area of 47,000 square kilometers, and 35,000 square kilometers laid in Alxa Youqi. Badain Jaran Desert is famous for its "peculiar peaks, sound sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples". The height of Badain Jaran Desert is between 1100m and 1600m, and the relative altitude of the sand hills range from 200m to 500m. The sand hills account for 61% of the entire desert area. At the hinterland of the desert, big sand dunes placed at regular intervals by the wind power, the dunes look like huge ocean waves imposing the tourists strongly.Direct contract with the peculiar peaks, echoing sands, numerous lakes, holy springs and ancient temples of Badain Jaran Desert. Experience the spirit and mystery of Badain Jaran Desert first hand.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$800/persons 800USD/Person

Day 1: Lanzhou - Wuwei - Jinchang - Alxa Youqi (Badain Jaran Town)
You will head for Jinchang from Lanzhou by express bus or train, upon arrival in Jinchang, you will proceed your bus or private car trip, after lunch break for check-in at Alxa hotel, then, bulk purchase food for desert adventure.
Overnight: Hotel, Alxa Youqi

Day 2: Alxa Youqi- Saiyingwusu - Yinderitu Holy Spring - Bilutu sand peak - Badain Jaran Temple
You will be driven to Badain Jaran Temple in the morning and have a wonderful time, you can find many joys in the desert, for example, experience the excitement of sand surfing, ascend Xiannv (fairy) peak, sightsee Xianv (fairy) lake , have birds'eye view of the whole scene of Badain Jaran Temple, pilgrimage "the Potala of the desert" and join the campfire party held by our club.
Overnight: Camping or live in homestay

Day 3: Badain Jaran Temple - Nuo'ertu Lake -Baoritaolegai - Alxa Youqi
After breakfast, we will enjoy a tour of "Jiangnan resort" in the desert---Nuo'ertu Lake, photographing the impressing scenery of the lake. Then, we will drive to Baoritaolegai Lake, experiencing special surfing on the resound sand and fishing in the sand lake. Return to hotel in Alxa Youqi at afternoon.
Overnight: Hotel, Alxa Youqi

Day 4: Alxa Youqi - Jinchang - Wuwei - Lanzhou
Today you will be driven back to Jinchang by express bus or private car, after lunch, you will return to Lanzhou by express bus or train to end our trip


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