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Badain Jaran Desert Trekking from Alxa Zuoqi Alxa Youqi Jinchang to Lanzhou - 19 Days

Destination: Badain Jaran Desert Trekking
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Trekking
Best Travel Time:May - Oct
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Badain Jaran Desert is located in  Alxa shanmeng of Inner Mongolia. With an area of 47,000 square kilometers, it is the third largest desert in China, remarked as the most beautiful desert by  China national geography magazine. "Badain Jaran" is Mongolian, transformed from "BaDai". The origins of its name are unknown, said to be named after a person or a habitation place. An old story says there was a man named "Badai" who lived here centuries before. And "Jaran" has two meanings. It might be transformed from old Tibetan language, which means "hell", another version means "sixty", expressing the large number of lakes in the desert.
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Day 01: Yinchuan - Alxa Zuoqi - Alxa Aobaosumu - Mandela Rock Painting District
You will be driven to Yinchuan in the morning, then, to Alxa Zuoqi, visit Guangzong Temple at the foothill of Helan Mountain. Meet off-road vehicle team at the Mandela rock painting district this evening.
Overnight: Hotel

Day 02: Mandela Rock Painting District
Sightsee the Mandela rock paintings in the morning, and then drive to Kuletu Temple for lunch. Head for Caijiajin and meet with camel team before dinner.

Overnight: Camping
Day 03: Mandela Rock Painting District
We will trek in the desert about 15 km westward.
Overnight: Camping

Day 04: Zhunzhakehanlin
After trekking about 18 km westward, we will arrive at Zhunzhakehanlin, and visit the local Mongolian tribe.
Overnight: Camping

Day 05: Zhunzhakehanlin
We will trek in the desert about 13 km to the westward.
Overnight: Camping 

Day 06: Huhejilin lake
Continue trekking westward 12 km and arrive at Huhejilin lake.
Overnight: Camping

Day 07: Bilutu peak
We are moving to the highest peak---Bilutu Peak in the desert after Breakfast and hike on this sand mountain. We will arrive at Yinderitu Lake after 10 km trekking, then visit the famous holly spring.
Overnight: Camping
Day 08: Badain Temple
10 km trekking and arrive at Badain Temple.
Overnight: Camping 

Day 09: Badain Temple
Take a break today, and visit the Badain Temple.
Overnight: Camping

Day 10: Alatetu Lake
Trek 15 km to south-west way, passing through Dugejilin, then arrive at Alatetu Lake.
Overnight: Camping

Day 11: Cherigele Lake
Continue trekking 17 km west-southwest then arrive at one of the most beautiful lake--- Cherigele Lake.
Overnight: Camping

Day 12: Saihanailetu
Continued trekking 17 km to Saihanailetu.
Overnight: Camping

Day 13: Ekenjilin
15 km trekking then arrive at Ekenjilin.
Overnight: Camping

Day 14: Zhongnurertu
Keep moving to the west leaning to north, arrive at Zhongnurertu after 15 km trekking.
Overnight: Camping

Day 15: Xianggejilin
Moving to south 17 km, arrive at Xianggejilin.
Overnight: Camping

Day 16: Dafenchang
Trekking 13 km on the way to Dafenchang.
Overnight: Camping

Day 17: Dafenchang
Finish the last 13 km trekking until arrive at Dafenchang.
Overnight: Camping 

Day 18: Alxa Youqi
Meet with off road vehicle team and bid farewell with camel team, driving through the 60 km desert road and arrive at Alxa Youqi, check in the hotel.
Overnight: Hotel

Day 19: Alxa Youqi - Jinchang - Lanzhou
Tidy up the personal equipment and take the bus back to Lanzhou, end the tour.



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