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Zhagana Mountain Gannan Trekking Tour - 5 Days

Destination: Zhagana Mountain Gannan
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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The first westerner who explored Gannan, collected creature specimens and drew maps there firstly, lived there for long time, he once published relevant photos and articles in National Geographic, which provided excellent materials to the creation of James Hilton¨s Lost Horizon, the great explorer is Joseph Locke who firstly found Zhagana and introduce it to the world, he described Zhagana like this ^It is so marvelous, I will feel a kind of guilt if I don¨t take pictures of this wonderful place." "I¨ve never seen such a beautiful landscape before. If the author of The Genesis sees the beautiful sceneries of Diebu, he will create Adam and Eve here undoubtedly. Diebu really impresses me, the wide forests is just like a botany museum, absolutely a virgin area. It will become a resort for the lovers of the nature."Zhagana Mountain means ^stone casket ̄ in Tibetan language and is elected as one of the "ten non-famous peaks". Located in the Yiwa village, 34 kilometers to the northwest of Diebu County, it is a natural masterpiece and also a complete natural ^Stone City ̄ covered by graceful and unique sceneries, with the landform looks like a grand palace.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$750/persons 750USD/Person

Day 1: Lanzhou--Diebu--Yiwa village of Zhagana
Leave for Diebu after breakfast (private car or regular bus--based on number of people), we will live in Tibetan families after we reach Yiwa village of Zhagana , Diebu, then we adapt to high plateau elevation, have an acclimatization to local environment.             
Overnight: Tibetan family of Zhagana

Day 2: Nigedawa!Ma'ersongduo!The stone forest of Zhagana!Dong cai (3751M)
We will depart at 8:00 after breakfast, all the equipments will be carried by horses or cattles, climb the slope all the way, passing Ni ge da wa!Ma er song duo!The stone forest of Zha ga na!Dong cai (3751M),we will encamp at Dong cai after 8-10 hours walking. 
Overnight: Camping

Day3: Kalake!Dabian Stone!Naizi mountain!Anziku(3331M)
We will decamp after breakfast at 8:00, then we climb over Kalake!Dabian Stone!Naizi mountain!Anziku(3331M),camp there after 8-10 hours walking.        
Overnight: Camping

Day 4: Sanjiao(triangle) Stone---Qi bu---Huge Valley---Zhuo ni
We will decamp at 8:00 after breakfast, then we just climb over one bealock, then we will pay a visit to the house of herdsman, we will reach Triangle Stone, Qi bu,Huge Valley, Zhuoni, then the traversing is over. We will say good-bye to guide and go to the converge of cars, then return to Hotel of Min County
Overnight: Min County

Day 5: Zhuoni-Lanzhou
We will leave at 8:00 after breakfast, and we will have a dinner, and then end this trip.

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