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Payment Guide

Payment Methods



YunnanTravelGuide accepts Wire Transfer, Paypal Payments. Detailed information and steps please see below:



1.Wire Transfer



We will provide our bank information to the Client in the Contract. After both sides agreed the Contract. The Client can go to his local bank for transaction.The Client should make a copy of the Bank Transaction Receipts or Voucher and Email it to us at Once we have received the email, we will proceed to secure the booking. The bank information and the corresponding account is included in the Contract.






If you choose Paypal, you are required to pay an extra 3.5 % of the total amount as the handling fee.Our Our Paypal account is included in the Contract. After you make payment via Paypal,please inform us by email.We will email back you and confirm your booking after we receive the confirmation from our Paypal account.

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