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Aini People Festival

Aini People /Aini Ethnic / Aini Minority is a branch of Hani (in northern part of Thailand or some other Southeast Asian regions, known as Aka), has a population of 170000 in Xishuangbanna, accounting for 19% of total, is the second biggest ethnic group. Aini people evolved from Qiang, an ancient ethnic horde of China, they lived nomadic lives and kept moving from one place to another, around 1100 years ago, they moved into Xishuangbanna from Honghe and Mojiang. This is a mountainous minority, mainly live in Gelanhe, Xiding of Menghai, Jingha, Damenglong of Jinghong and Mengrun of Mengla. Aini is animist, believe that everything is with soul, and in tradition of setting up a wooden gate at the entrance of village to keep devils out. They have colorful spoken expressions, but no written language.





Aini People Gatanpa Festival Tour


Gatanpa is a word from Aini language, means renaissance of everything. This is New Year Festival of Aini people, the most important festival of theirs. Gatangpa Festival falls in almost the same period of our New Year, but it may last more days, normally from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 4th. It's the most joyful time in one year for Aini people, they enjoy it in many ways, dance, sing, play tops, slaughter animals, feast friends, have archery competition, prepare festival rice cake and worship house god to celebrate it. Like all other festivals, Gatanpa is more enjoyed by the youth, they would put on new clothes and make themselves up, having parties and date with their loved.

Aini People Yekuza Festival Tour

Yekuza Festival falls normally in June of Luna Calendar, different villages may choose different days for it. Aini people spend this festival in commemoration of their ancient hero who helped them kill pests that were threatening their crops, according to Aini's legend, once Aini people came across a serious pest disaster, an Aini man named Yeku made pesticide to kill pests, in order to attract pests he dyed pesticide red with his own blood, finally pests were annihilated and people's crop was saved when Yeku used out his last drop of blood. It's a festival more for youth, besides the normal festival activities, young people in the village will have a swing competition, too. It's a chance for boys to present themselves, he who swings highest will win honor as well the hearts of girls.

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