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Bulang People Festival

Bulang People/Bulang Ethnic/Bulang Minority has a population of 37000 in Xishuangbanna, is a mountainous ethnic group, mainly live in Bulang Shan Mountain area of Menghai. They believe in both Theravada Buddhism and animism. Bulang have their spoken language, no written script, but they adopted a lot from Dai after Theravada Buddhism was introduced into this region, Dai people's culture and religion keeps quite big influence on Bulang people's life, although they belong to different language families, Dai evolved from ancient Yue tribe, belonging to Han-Tibetan Family, and Bulang was from ancient Pu people, belong to Mhong-Khmer Family. They speak Dai language, use Dai's written script, even spend similar festivals as Dai people do. Bulang's ancestors were the earliest ethnic group to domesticate wild tea tree for consumption.



Bulang People

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Bulang People San Gan Bi Mai Festival - Xishuangbanna,Yunnan


Bulang Minority people have many things in common with Dai people, the same religion, using same written language, and even spend the same festivals. Bulang people spend their New Year and Closing-door & Opening-door festival at the same time as Dai do, only the celebration activities are different since they stay mountainously. Bulang don't have Dragon Boat Race, don't fire bamboo rockets, don't splashing water on New Year... San Gan Bi Mai is the new year of Bulang people, same as Dai people's New Year, it falls in April, too, but Bulang spend this festival in more original and religious way, rogation and offering to Buddha and monks make the main content of the festival.


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