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Lahu People Festival

Lahu People/Lahu Ethnic/Lahu Minority has a population of around 50000 in Xishuangbanna, mainly live in Meng'Ar and Mengman of Menghai. Lahu people used to be a part of ancient nomadic tribe - Chiang, as the time went on and the tribe migrated, they evolved into an independent nationality of today. Lahu people has belief in animism, believe their ancestor was born out of a cucurbit, some of them believe in as well Christianity brought by western missionaries at the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century. Lahu has 3 branches according to their different dialects, costumes and traditions, Black Lahu, White Lahu and Yellow Lahu, the one that live in Xishuangbanna mainly belong to Black Lahu Branch, who stay out-of-the-way and still perform old tradition of having woman's hair shaved after her marriage.


Lalu Old Woman

Playing Traditional Flutes

Festival Dancing



Lahu People Lahukuo Festival 

This is New Year of Lahu people, the most important festival of them. Lahukuo Festival falls on the same date when Han spend Spring Festival, January 1st of the Lunar Calendar. They would clean up houses to welcome coming New Year, slaughter animals to prepare big feast catering guests, play tops and swing to get fun, the high-light of festival is a whole-village festival party, when all men will put on their new dresses and all women will make them up the best-looking in one year on the occasion, dancing while playing traditional flutes instruments through whole day.

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