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Jinuo People Temaoke Festival

Jinuo People/Jinuo Ethnic/Jinuo Minority, known as Youle in the past, is a unique ethnic group in China, only in Jinuo Shan Mountain area of Jinghong, Xishaungbanna can they be seen, total population is just around 18000. Jinuo believes in animism, especially believe in the souls of ancestors and God of sun, Sun Drum is holy to them and indispensable in every village, it is said that their ancestors, a boy and his sister, survived an flood catastrophe by hiding in a big drum, flood destroyed world, for multiplication of human they got married and became ancestors of Jinuo ---- it's an interesting coincidence, Jinuo happens to mean the descendants of mother's brother in their own language. Jinuo have spoken language, but no written characters. They are the last ethnic group to be classified as an independent nationality of China in 1979. 


Jinuo People

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Jinuo People Temaoke Festival


This is New Year of Jinuo people, the most important festival of theirs. Temaoke Festival falls in period from February 6th to 8th, quite close to Han's Spring Festival. During festival, Jinuo people dance and sing with focus on their holy drum, which is where their belief is in. It's said Jinuo people's ancestors hid in a big drum and survived a catastrophic flood. A standing program of Jinuo's New Year celebration is Big Drum Dance, as villagers dance ardently, rhythmic drumbeats announce the arrival of coming new year.

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