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Yao People Panwang Festival

Yao People/Yao Ethnic/Yao Minority has a population of around 16000 in Xishuangbanna. They mainly live in Yao Qu area of Mengla. Yao people in this area originally were immigrants from Guanxi in the middle of Qing Dynasty, around 200 years ago, on their way of moving, some settled down in Xishuangbanna, some went further and entered Laos and North of Thailand, where known as Mhong. Yao believe in animism, perform worship to ancestors and partially Taoism, they have no written language, Chinese characters are adopted by them for record in  daily life, but differently  pronounced. Yao people are in interesting traditions, youth bite each other to express love for each other, when boy is around 15 or 16 years old, grown-up ceremony would be held for him, and, girls are in habit of having their eyebrows shaved.


Yao Woman

Festival Dancing

Yao People

Yao People Panwang Festival

Panwang Festival falls normally around October 16th. of Lunar Calendar, when it's the birthday of Yao's ancestor, Panwang, this is the most important festival of Yao living in Mengla County. Yao people spend this festival in commemoration of their ancestor---Panwang, who started world for Yao, Panwang Festival is also called Danu Festival, Danu is Yao language, means Don't Forget. They spend festival the similar way other nationalities do, slaughtering animals, preparing traditional New Year food, having big feast, drinking, visiting friends, enjoying a jubilant festival party, or doing some other things to celebrate it.


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