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Miao People Tiaohuapo Festival

Tiaohua Festival, also known as Tiao Hua Po, is an ancient, mysterious and romantic festival prevailing among the Miao people. Originated in Anshun city, Guizhou, it has evolved into a comprehensive annual event.

When and where will TiaoHua Festival be held?
It usually occurs during the first lunar month, at the 24 settled sites in Hunan and Guizhou province. Among them, Shanjiang Town of Fenghuang and Zhijin County of Guizhou are two most famous sites.

What are the Main Activities?
Reed Pipe Singing& Dance; bull fighting; horse racing; wrestling; archery; folk music; Bonfire party; Trade; parade

Tiaohuapo Festival:

(1) Tiaohua Festival Held in Shanjiang Town, Fenghuang (Hunan province)
Tiaohua Festival here is precluded with a grand ancestral worship ritual involving sorcery and piecing bull horn music. It is carried on with chorus, collective dance, martial art and wedding ceremony performance. To see Miao people's parade, go to Fenghuang Ancient Town, to see Miao wedding custom, stroll along Tuojiang River, to see collective dance, go to Shanjiang Tiaohua square, to indulge in night life, choose a bar in Fenghang.

(2) Tiaohua Festival Held in Zhijin County (Guizhou province)
In Zhijin County, Guizhou, you can feast eye on dazzling Miao costumes and silver ornament during Tiaohua Festival. Eye-pleasing and highly symbolic, Miao costume is famed as living museum of this minority. Without written script, Miao record their history, culture, philosophy and custom through attires. Their silver ornaments and embroidery will leave little room for imagination.Zhijin County boasts over 20 sites for Tiaohua Festival. Among which, three sites attract over 10,000 people annually: Zhucang Town(Time: the first sheep day after July 13, lunar calendar), Longchang Town(Time: the second lunar month) and Dashan Village, Huaqi Town.

(3) Tiaohua Festival Held in Liuzhi County(Guizhou province)
Long Horn Miao, a minor sect of Miao Minority, reside in the remote mountainous regions where Liuzhi, Zhijin and Nayong County greet each other, in northwest Guizhou. There are only 4,000 Long Horn Miao by far. Long Horn Miao women are easy to identify, just look at their hairstyles. They use a one-meter long wooden horn to comb their hair above the head, which can weigh 5KG.In their villages, you can see many old tricks such as weaving, dying and embroidery. Wedding& funeral ceremonies and Tiaohua Festival are highlights of their culture.




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