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A List of Yunnan Trekking Destinations

1. Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking

This trail is relatively well-developed thanks to those hardy outdoor aficionados. Tiger Leaping Gorge consists of three sections: upper, middle and lower. The upper and lower section consist of 28 bends each and the middle section is the most challenging. Covering the whole route will take two day and half a day. The difficulty level falls between mild and wild. Hence, you can have a sense of achievement and pride after finishing the trekking.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Route: Lijiang ¡ª Daju ¡ª Walnut Garden ¡ª Tina's Guesthouse ¡ª Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge Stair Sky ¡ª Halfway Guesthouse ¡ª 28 Bends ¡ª Nuoyu Village ¡ª Qiaotou ¡ª Lijiang


2. Meili Snow Mountain Trekking

Located in Three Parallel Rivers area, the converging site where Yunnan embraces Tibet, Meili Snow Mountain boasts 13 glacier-capped peaks towering over 6000m above the ground. Wagebo Peak at 6740m, is the highest in Yunnan. 

Meili Snow Mountain Inner Ring Mountain Circular Trekking Route: Zhongdian ¡ª Feilai Monastery ¡ª Lancangjiang River ¡ª Yongzong Village ¡ª Xidang Hotspring ¡ª Nanzong Pass¡ª Yubeng Upper Village ¡ª Yubeng Lower Village ¡ª Divine Waterfall


Meili Snow Mountain Outer Ring Mountain Circular Trekking Route: Route One: Yongzhi Village ¡ª Zou Suo Tong ¡ª Peacock Hill ¡ª Xinke ¡ª Dimaluo ¡ª Bingzhongluo (Route Tw Cizhong ¡ª Hanluo ¡ª Dimaluo¡ª Bingzhongluo)


3. Mingyong Glacier Park Trekking

Meili Snow Mountain Trekking Route: Mingyong Village ¡ª Taizi Monastery ¡ª Lotus Temple ¡ª Glacier Sightseeing Terrace ¡ª Mountain Foot


4.Yubeng Village Trekking

Yubeng Village Trekking Route: Xidang Hot Spring ¡ª Nazongla Pass  ¡ª Yubeng Upper Village ¡ª Ice Lake  ¡ª Yubeng Lower Village ¡ª Divine Waterfall


5.Dulongjiang River Trekking

Dulongjiang River Trekking Route:

Ruote One: Gongshan ¡ª Qiqi ¡ª East Guard Relay ¡ª Erdui ¡ª Bapo ¡ª Maku Village ¡ª Qinlang Moon Waterfall ¡ª Maku Village ¡ª Bapo ¡ª Kongdang (Ruote Tw Liuku ¡ª Gaoligong Mountain ¡ª Qiqi ¡ª East Guard Outpost ¡ª Bapo ¡ª Kongdang ¡ª Gaoligong Mountain)


6.Laojun Mountain Trekking

Laojun Mountain Trekking Route: Lijiang ¡ª 99 Dragon Pool ¡ª Elong Lake ¡ª XiaoqiaoTou ¡ª Liju village ¡ª Golden Thread Factory ¡ª Snub-nosed Monkey Observation site ¡ª Peach Garden ¡ª Shigu Town ¡ª Lijiang

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